Sunday, August 17, 2008

"I love to see the temple, I'm going there some day..."

So last week as I mentioned earlier, I was able to go to the Salt Lake City Temple and receive my endowments. It was a very interesting, unique, intriguing, and neat experience. It’s always been interesting about this side of the Church and how it’s not supposed to be talked about in detail, and if it is discussed it is very very broadly. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I’ve always loved the mysterious and perhaps I shouldn’t put it that way, because it is very special, but it was very intriguing to learn about the endowment. I was very overwhelmed and in awe. The next week I was able to go to the Provo Temple with my Mom, which is also a different experience and different from Salt Lake. I really enjoyed it and I hope to go often throughout my life. I absolutely love the temples and it’s because of the great love my parents taught me for the temples. When I went to the temple I thought a lot of when I was twelve and I went and did baptisms for the first time at the temple. It was pretty similar, I was able to go with my parents, the temple workers were so kind and so helpful, we celebrated after, and I was very overwhelmed and in awe. Over the years I was able to do a lot of baptisms and confirmations in a lot of temples and now I hope to do temple sessions in a lot of temples. It’s such a peaceful and happy place. It’s so neat, and I love to go. My mom and I are planning to go to as many Utah temples as we can before I leave on my mission and when I get back from my mission I want go through it in Spanish. I'm excited.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A bit of news...

I realize I received my call a little over two weeks ago and I haven’t written anything on my blog, (really new at blogging and telling my life over the internet :) ) so I’ve decided to write a little update on what’s been going on with me for the last few weeks. I am so very excited to go to Uruguay. I was absolutely shocked to receive my call, because I was so sure I was going state side. A lot of ladies I know have been going or went state side and 3 boys from my ward just got called state side. It was a typical mission call opening experience, I had no idea where in South America Uruguay was so I had to look at a map. I researched Uruguay on the internet for like the next 4 or 5 hours that same day, and also the next few days. I was so amazed when I saw the flag of Uruguay because in the corner it has a big smiling sunshine. My middle name is Brighten, so I felt it was a confirmation to me about my call. It was really comforting and neat. I know that Heavenly Father really loves me.

A week later I got my visa papers and I started getting all my info about me ready and I had to get a background check which made me laugh. I found out for ten dollars that I am no criminal in the state of Utah…that was relief. Then I started all my shots of death. So very painful and expensive. But I guess that’s better than turning green or swelling up or getting spots or something. :) Anyways, they’re done, yeah. The main things I have left to do are shop for clothes and shoes…and shopping is always delightful.

I’m looking forward 08-08-08, this Friday because I get to go to the Salt Lake City Temple and get my endowments. Which will be really neat. My family received like 5 invitations to go weddings on that day and I knew of others getting married on that day, so I wanted to be included in all the festivities and so I get to become endowed on that day. I’m excited.

Things are going well, and I’m trying to get through finishing the Bible and Preach my Gospel before I leave and my Mom is so kindly and patiently teaching me the basics of Spanish to give me a head start. “Hola, como esta?” Anyways, there is my update. Adios amigos…