Monday, November 23, 2009


Hello family,
Well, I´d thought I´d start in english because it´s the week of thanksgiving and that´s not a spanish holiday. I´m actually quite in shock right now but I´m happy for you Nikki, It´s still hasn´t really seemed real that you´ve been dating mitch all this time. But wow congratulations. I expect A LOT or MUCHO of details next week... But Happy Thanksgiving!!! What are you guys doing for thanksgiving? Hna Farnsworth and I are going to cook all that stuff sunday because we have more time and so we´re excited. And then on Monday our zone is going to have a thanksgiving dinner. So that will be fun as well. If dad, you have time to send me the orange roll recipe I´d really appreciate it. But the definite highlight of the week was Elder Bednar. What an amazing amazing conference with him. Him and his wife and Elder Snow and his wife came and they all spoke to us. And then after Sister Bednar and Sister Snow and Elder Snow, Elder Bednar had a question and answer session for 3 hours. It was incredible. He first told don´t write a word I say down, because what I say is not important and I´m not the teacher and when are you ever going to read these notes again and if you´re to concentrated on writing you´ll miss the true teacher the spirit. So I really tried to listen and just write down thoughts I liked and that really applied to me. I loved it. I enjoyed it so much more as well. Elder Bednar is so nice and so upfront and relates well with the young adults. He emphasized a lot learning by the spirit and how as we focus the spirit will teach us. He also told us that I hope by the end of this confernce you all realize that you don´t need a apostle to answer your questions, we have the right to recieve revelation and he said I hope you say Thanks for coming, but bye because we don´t need you anymore, we can find answers for ourselves. It was so profound, not just learning about being teachers of the spirit but learners of the spirit as well. INCREDIBLE!!! I´ve been studying some of his talks the mission has given us and my notes and I´m just in awe. It was so great. I also got to see a lot of great missionaries and it was so neat to listen to 350 missionaries sing called to serve since I didn´t get that in the mtc. The spirit was powerful. And then I saw hermanas from the other mission that were with me in the mtc and hna ung from payson, I had no idea she was on a mission. But it was so fun to see my old companions, elders in my districts and other missionaires that I´ve known before. At the end as well, I saw a hermana from my first area minas and after a week in the mission I went to her engagement party, but now I saw her and we hugged she was so sweet and she goes you can communicate now in spanish, I taught her family a lot in MInas. It was so great talking to see her. It´s been a good week, the work is steadily going. Thanks for the prayers. I love you all mucho!!!! Thanks so much for the emails, Dad, Mom, NIkki, and kim!!! LOVE YA!!! You´re always in my prayers. I´m so so grateful for the great family and friends I have!!!
con amor, Tiffani

Monday, November 16, 2009

Elder Bednar´s coming...yeah!!!!!

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,
Thanks for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, Stefi, and Joseph. WOW all of you, it was AWESOME. THANKS!!!
Also, a huge huge huge thanks for my thanksgiving package. I had quite the blessing in disguise today with that. We got a call saturday that we had to go to montevideo for immigration stuff for hna farnsworth, which is kind of a bummer thing to do on pday. But we went and I got my package. We were so excited. Truly the nutella was just in time, I threw away my last one yesterday. I also got to see Hna Yeates, that was a lot of fun. She´s doing well, sick all the time. She´s going home in March and so is Hna Orme so I´m going to be the only one leaving in April. Oh well, they can come to my homecoming. But I also got to look around the bus station tres cruces which is like a mall and Hna Yeates and I love to shop. Don´t worry, I didn´t get that much. It´s a dangerous thing my new comp likes it as well. But anyways, this past week was good. We got to do more service on this house of Virginia. It was hard work but really fun. The priesthood were funny, they´d show us how to do something and then we´d do it and then they´d take the tools from us and finish it. They are very protective of the hermanas. It´s funny, Hna Farnworth´s dad was in construction and she´s like I know how to do this stuff. And I´m not that inept either and so we were just shaking our heads at each other. But it was a lot of fun.
We have this goal as a mission to do 140 contacts every week and President Da Silva is like you can´t control baptisms or people in church but you can control contacts, people we talk to do. So we really wanted to be obedient. But because of some obstacles we only had 44 contacts by sunday and we were like uggghhh, we know we´re promised blessings if we do that and so we after church and lunch and study we started at 3:30 and worked only until 8 on sunday, we did 47 contacts and 2 lessons of recent converts. And it wasn´t stupid contacts either just throwing brochures at people, we really tried. Just have to tell you that was a miracle. We´re setting the goal this week of 160 contacts. We need blessings. We´re probably going to have to drop a lot of investigators because they aren´t progressing, which is hard because that is knocking doors. But my comp has a ton of faith and she´s like if we´re doing our part Heavenly Father will do his. And so it´s like having you all here to tell me "everything always works out." I´m pretty stressed, my biggest fear as becoming senior comp was that I was going to kill an area. I know if we´re trying it won´t happen. I have a great comp and she´s a huge answer to my prayers. Well I love you all so much and thanks thanks thanks for the package. We´re excited for thanksgiving. I LOVE YOU ALL MUCHO!!!! Thanks for the prayers and love and support. CONGRATULATIONS Joseph on becoming an elder and getting your eagle. That is so awesome. I´m glad all is well, enjoy the pretty snow. It´s getting hotttt. Have a great week, and I´ll tell you about Elder Bednar next week.
con amor, Tiffani

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hola mi familia y amigos,
¿Como estan? Muchas gracias for all the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Kim. I am so happy life is going well and I heard you all are enjoying snow. How pretty. It´s getting pretty warm here. We have had like all the seasons in like a week. But it is getting warmer. Congratulations Jose Vaughn in recieiving the Melchezidik priesthood next week how amazing. And congrats on recieving your eagle as well next week. Sounds like a action packed weekend. I am so happy for you.
Well, this past week has been crazy busy, but really good. We had a baptism saturday. I was so excited. Her name is Virginia and we have experienced some drama because this but everything worked out. The ward has been doing service on her house and we got to help last saturday as well which was fun. It was hard work, the branch president wants to work us hard, which is great. We had a lesson on the ten commandments last week and she asked us what happens to people that know the commandments and break them. Well that is a broad question but we covered repentance and talking with the leaders if it is serious and how everyone will pay for their sins and I was kind of worried after because she seemed really bothered with it, but we went on. Then on Friday night our ward mission leader told us that one of the newer members of the ward was trying to solicit certain favors for the service on the house. And I was blown away and like oh no she is going to be offended. Plus, that is quite a lot of drama for a little branch like here. But she had her baptism interview and it went very well and she was so excited and then on Saturday we had the baptism, 45 minutes late with a lot of stess, but she came and it was a beautiful service. I love seeing these great people make these big changes because they love the Lord and they know it is true. And yesterday we had a great lesson with this family Gustavo, Yohana, and Betina and we watched mountain of the Lord. Because they do not want to commit to make these big changes in their life. But they have been coming to the activities and general conference and one time at church. It was so great. But we focused on temples. And they were impressed with the sacrifice of the pioneers for the temples and the dedication and at the end of the lesson Gustavo prayed that he could have an eternal family. They are so great. I hope and pray they get baptized. My companion Hna Farnsworth is so amazing. I didn´t do anything my first change but she already loves the people and loves to share her testimony and teaches what she can. And she just wants to get better. And she is just a good friend. Which is so nice. It is a lot of responsibility and stressful, but she is patient with me and wants to do all she can. I´m really grateful for her. Oh I don´t know if I mentioned this but for those who are not immediate family and want to email you can use this address and just put my name in the subject line. I hope you have a great week. I love you all mucho!!!! Talk to you later.
con amor, Tiffani

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy November!!!

Hola mi famila y mi amigos,
¿Como estan? Muchas Gracias for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, Kim, Hna Bell, and Los Crums. I loved loved loved them. This past week has been kind of exciting, we are going to have a baptism this week with a really neat woman named Virginia and she said the reason she was converted was because of the faith with the action of the members. The members are really serving and helping this neat woman. I´m really excited. Faith with action is everything. I´m really sad Hna Rogers is leaving. I learned so much from her and learned a lot of we had some great times. I´m training and I´m so so scared. We were suppose to meet at the mission home at 8:30 and then the President and the Hermana had a little meeting with us and then we met the missionaries we´re training. My companion is Hermana Farnsworth from Nevada. She´s really nice. I´m excited to get to know her. Hna Yeates is also training. It was really interesting to have her there because we were there together in the beginning and we had a lot of de ja vu. I´m super nervous. But it´s what Heavenly Father wants me to do, so I´ll definetly learn and grow. I hope pray I can do a good job and help her. So I forgot to tell you about the cookies, it was a kind difficult day when I received those packages and so I opened them and I felt bad that you took all that time to do the cookies and send them and so I opened them and I tried one and you know what it was good. It was a miracle. After a month and a half, they were still really good and not hard. Kind of a small insignificant thing, but it really brightened my day and made me feel so much better. Through small and simple things...right, Heavenly Father really just made me feel so much better through that. Well, it´s getting warmer which is a good thing. But also alergy season could you please send me some semprex and eye drops? Thanks for being such a great family, I don´t have time to read your emails before I send you this but if there is questions I´ll write back monday. I love you all so so much. Sorry this is short, and I´ll write more monday. Have a happy rest of the week!!
con amor, Tiffani