Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30th, 2008

Hola mi familia y amigos,
Muchas gracias for all the emails and letters. I am glad to still be a part of things. Well another week has gone and it flew. We have been studying and practicing lesson 1 and 2 a lot in spanish. It is very tough, but our companionship is becoming better. Our one teacher Hno. Melerio told us we were doing so well and we made him cry a little bit after teaching him lesson 1. The spirit was really strong. It was neat and a great compliment. It is so nice to see progress sometimes. Do not get me wrong though spanish is still keeping me humble, a lot. It is hard but I know I am being helped. Last friday, I missed a class for the first time because I got the flu. I was so sick all weekend. But I toughened it up for Saturday to go tracting. It was the first saturday we went tracting all day. Usually just for 2 hours. They put us in a bus and took us 45 minutes away to the city. Our companionship had an off day, plus me and hna. orme were sick... she had a cold. In the morning we talked to some crazy wackos and it wasn't going well. But in the afternoon we talked about our problem a little bit and prayed and then we were able to meet some neat people and gave away two more Book of Mormons. We mostly got some names and phone numbers for the missionaries assigned to that area but it was neat to be able to talk a little bit and testify. It was also really neat to walk around and see things other than the MTC. It is a neat city, the part we went to. The meeting place was the church and it was a beautiful little church looked a lot like the one in Antibes, France. The mission pres from that area came a few days later to get our contacts and he told us that this area is so ready for baptism that we can really start with questions like this to meet people. "If there was one book in this world that could tell you which church was true, would you read it" and then if yes "If after reading realized that the church was true, would you be baptized" Amazing huh. It is the highest area in argentina I think for baptisms. Really neat. We met some really nice people. These experiences prosylting are eye openers, the next 17 months will be hard. I felt really sick that night and the district leader gave me a blessing and I healed fast. It was a really nice blessing and the presidents wife hna. wilson helped me. The temple is closed for the next 3 weeks and that is sad but I will go before I leave the mtc which is nice. Time is flying and there is so much to learn and memorize. I really appreciate the prayers and words of support. They really help. I am sorry I can not respond to everyone. I will say though who I get letters and emails from so you know I got them. I will respond to what I can. I love you all. Thanks Dawn and Nikki for the letters. And Mom, Dad, and nikki for the emails. I have not received one from uncle Jay but tell him thanks for thinking of me. I hope all is well. I keep you in my prayers. I love you! Te Amo. Happy week!!! The gospel is amazing and I am so glad to have the privilage of teaching it.
Con amor, Tiffani

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oct 23, 2008 - Sorry, I cannot think of a clever title for my letter like Hna. Yeates. haha.

Hola mi famila,
Como le va. At least I can greet people in Spanish. haha. Yes, Spanish is still so very difficult. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I know that one day I will catch on. Things are going pretty well, like I said spanish is a little rough. But I think I am really in the swing of things. We went proselyting again on Saturday and we did much much better than before. I enjoyed it. It was so exciting we were able to give 2 book of mormons away and made 2 appts. and one almost appt. We were going to teach lesson 1 but we need to give the contacts to the area missionaires, because they can visit more often we can only do it on saturday. But we are visiting the one lady, Connie, Saturday. We practiced a little presentation that we gave when we talked to people and we were a lot more bold. I basically greeted people and introduced us and later bore my testimony of the book of mormon. I did not really understand anything, but I smiled a lot. haha. Hna Yeates said she understood like 70 percent which was great and she taught a bit more. Hna. Orme is the best and does most of it. Even I don't understand it was still really neat. I really cannot wait to pick up the spanish so I can really teach and really understand people and be more helpful. The latin employees and missionaires laugh at my red face when I get back from proselyting because of the heat and my cherry sunburn face, it is pretty funny but worth it. The weather is gorgeous here we had a huge crazy storm and the day was dark almost the whole time, it was really wierd. I love going to the temple each week, it is so pretty. We were finally able to take pictures sunday. The latin group of missionaries left this week which was super sad and we had some new missionaires this week some more north americans elders and sister but mostly latins. Yesterday, we had a district goal to talk only in Spanish the whole day everywhere, it was a pretty quiet day and we got really good at charades. haha. Hey Joseph congrats on being a stud, enjoy the dances. You will be proud of me we have a ping pong table here and the elders love it so I do not ever really play but yesterday I finally challenged on the elders in my district who loves ping pong and is a major stud athlete and basically I destroyed him. 3 games 3 skunks. haha. Your teaching has helped me. I need to learn how to slam it though and be more aggressive, they told me I am a really good defensive player. haha.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the packages, I got the conference one last week and the 2 packages of treats tuesday. My companions love the talks and so do I, I love to study them and read them. There are so many great talks Thanks so much for the notes, they make me so happy. They say thanks. Everyone thinks I have the coolest family in the world 4 packages in the 3 weeks. When I recieved the two from customs it felt like Christmas. I was so grateful the chocolate made it okay, the only thing that melted was the jolly ranchers. The chocolate really is a lifesavor. haha. I usually eat some after a nasty meal. People think of me as a chocolate girl or something. haha. THANK YOU!!! I SO VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT!!! I hope all is well and happy!! Thanks for your prayers. I am so happy the MTC is going well for you Mom, and traveling for you Dad and your calling. You should send me your testimony in spanish when you bear it in novemeber. I love hearing how things are going. TE AMO!!!!
Con Amor, Tiffani

P.S. Nicole Curtis sent me a email, crazy bonkers huh, it was really nice. Thanks for the email everyweek they make my day. NOTES TO SIBLINGS. Nikki, where are your notes I saw you wrote my companion the first week but what about me. I know your busy. its okay. Thanks for the faithful writing Joseph and the for the 1.5 emails from you Stefi. I love hearing from you all. I hope you got my letters earlier. Happy week!!!

(Note: Nikki has been sending email to Tiffani's email from her first email...that was an incorrect address and the correct one is on this site)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16th 2008

Hola everyone...I can not believe it has been 2 weeks. It seems like it has been months since I have seen you. It is weird, time goes very fast and very slow. I just have to say spanish is tough business. I am impressed with everyone who learns a language. I have good teachers who help, but I am just super slow. Memorizing is really hard for me. every friday we have milestones or like tests and we usually have to pass off english and spanish stuff. We are still on lesson one. Very tough. I eat a lot of chocolate to keep me sane. suprise suprise. My companions think I am willy wonka or something. We are all chocoholics, I exposed them to fine eurpopean chocolate and I do not think they{ll ever be the same. haha. I was able to go to the temple last thursday and it is beautfiul. It was wierd listening with headphones because it was in spanish. On Saturday we went tracting about twenty minutes away from the temple. We had to talk to the people. My companion H. Orme knows a lot of spanish and she helped a lot. But we were pretty chicken and not as bold as we should have been. But it was an eye opener and for me. Plus most argentines and uruguayan my teacher tells me don't like americans. But we still should have tried harder. We learned a lot and set goals for next week. It was funny how people recognize us missionaries and try as fast as they can to get away from us. On Sunday we watched Mountain of the Lord which I loved and I had never seen and I was grateful I received my endowments from SLC. We also had sunday nap. really great. On Monday Elder Civic and his wife from the 1st quorum of the seventy presidency and his wife spoke to us. They were so sweet. They shook all our hands and when I introduced my self he asked if I was a mormon, it was kind of funny. His wife was so sweet she sat by me and she translated a little bit for me, so nice. He spoke in Spanish but the presentation was in English and so I understood some. On Tuesday Elder Nelson came and his wife and the Cvics and they recognized me. When I shook their hands and Hermana Civic kissed me on the cheek. All the missionaries sang for him This is the Christ in Spanish with an elder accompanying on the violin it was powerful. Elder Nelson was really brief but gave us an amazing apostolic blessing to all of us missionaries. He promised these blessings, that we{ll be safe, that we will lose ourselves in the service of our Lord, that our families will draw closer to the Lord through my service, and that we can become true disciples of Jesus Christ. Truly incredible. The spirit was so strong. It was a great blessing to listen to Elder Nelson and Elder Civic and their kind wives. I hope I can be faithful to receive those blessings. There is a neat spirit here, also an intense pressure but I know it is a privilege to be here. Thank you so much for the prayers, love, support, emails, and words of encouragement. They help so much. I hope all is well. I love you and I miss you. Con Amor, Tiffani

P.S. I got notes saying I have 2 packages in customs. Thank you so much. The President said we actually might get them. If we pay for the taxes. which wont be very much. I will let you know if I get them. also, the rule about food has changed so I eat it alot and it helps, so if you do send anything I can keep it and eat it. My companions and I love the Lindt balls. heehee. Thanks again for the other package, they have some good sauces down here so I doctor my food up a lot my companions laugh at me. We have had some awesome steak and potatoes. I hope you get my letters. I sent one to stefi through argentina mail so she gets stamps I hope she gets it. We also have an address change down here just more detailed to send letters and stuff.

Hermana Tiffani Mohrman
Argentina MTC
Bonpland 2349-55
(C1425 FWE) Buenos Aires

Thanks so much I love you and I love the support and news from home. Happy week. Talk to you later....Te Amo...I will let you know about letters and packages I receive.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9th, 2008

I appreciate so much the emails, it is so nice to be loved. This week has actually gone by pretty fast. I want to say some business first before I get into it before I forget. I only have 30 minutes to do email and I can not print anything. It times me out. Also, they said all e'mails need to come through someones account and then to me. I do not know why. Also, I cannot have food in my rooms so please do not send me food, so I can be obedient. We can use the pouch system so could you please send me some USA stamps it will be cheaper. I am only sending a few letters this week to test the Argentina system. I hope all is well. Things are pretty good here. The MTC here reminds me of the apt. we stayed in Europe by the temple so they are really nice. The food has also improved. no more fish. I get to do a session today. So I am excited. On Saturdays we will do proselyting on the temple grounds and in the visitor centers so that will be funny especially with me not knowing spanish. My companion Heremana Orme knows a lot of spanish and she talks a lot me and Hermana Yeates just listen and are grateful she can communicate. We already had to practice part of the first lesson on the temple grounds with people on there and it was scarey to say the least. But I can bear my testimonio is spanish a very small one, but I did that and that was cool. I also learned to pray and say the first lesson although I cannot remember anything when I need it. Oh well I will keep plugging away at this spanish business. haha. On sunday we had the sacrament and an hour and half testimony meeting which was neat. I even bore my testmony, which I am sure will shock everyone who knows me. I was one of 3 who did in english everyone else did in spansh. These young whipper snapper elders sure pick it up fast. Us hermanas are the first 3 north americans sisters at this MTC ever and we{re the only ones here now. Definite minority. That was cool. Conference was really neat and my favorite talks were Elder Uchtdorfs and Elder Hollands. Really neat. I felt they were really talking to me. Us Hermanas had to watch Priesthood which turned out to be pretty neat. I like Priesthood session. Especially Elder Scotts talk. hahaha. the President and his wife Hermana Wilson are very nice and supportive. She is such a sweetheart. It is neat the Argentina flag also has a sun on it. I{m suppose to be here. I can only take pictures once every three weeks so they will come sometime. The latinos missionaries are so nice and so patient with us and they really try to talk to use and vica versa. The food is decent. We eat a lot of meat and potatoes. Which are tasty, I say decent because they don}t really feed us sugar, once in a while. But it is good. I really enjoy it. Elder Nelson is coming next Tuesday and Im so excited. We are practicing This is the Christ in Spanish to sing to him. It is hard but it is a great growing experience. I hope not only in weight. haha. Anyways, I love you all. Thank you for everything. I will write letters as much as I can. Con amor, Tiffani

Friday, October 3, 2008

Side note post...

I found this poem that Tiffani wrote earlier this year. I never knew she wrote it and only accidently found it posted online. While she has never been one to write poems, I think the message is applicable. It can be found at:


How can thou forget
"Thou captain of thy soul"?
The supreme sacrifice,
the greatest gift of all.

Our older brother and redeemer
our comforter and friend.
How can thou be thine own captain
when such a price was shed.

The price was paid, the cost great
and given all through love.
And all is asked for in return
is obedience to him above.

Life is simply but a step
a memory in the eternities.
So best remember the only captain
Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Tiffani Brighten Mohrman

I Am Here

Hola Family,
They let me e-mail you finally because the internet was now in the computer lab. After a long flight, we rode a bus to the MTC which is really close to the airport. We had some sort of orientation that I think went over my head because I was so tired. I really like my companions, Hermana Yeates and Hermana Orme. They had Hermana Orme come early so we are a threesome. There are only 3 american sisters in the whole place with a max of 16 total sisters so we are definitely the minority. The food is okay, they do not believe sugar and so I am really glad for the treats you gave me. They served a rice stew for lunch which was a lot better than the fish we had for dinner. I filled on up veggies and rolls dipped in vinegar and oil. We only have 45 minutes to get ready and 30 minutes at bed time all to ourselves and that is the only time I can go to my room. It seems really hard and I am pretty scared, I am really grateful for the letters and the support you gave me at the airport. I love you very much and miss you. This is going to be my e-mail address. My p-days are Thursdays. The temple is so gorgeous. I will not able to send pictures soon because we are only allowed to take pictures one sunday the entire time we are here. I love you again. Thanks again for everything. I will write you next Thursday.
Con Amor, Tiffani

P.S. I have the wrong plug for my convertor is there anyway you could send me the one for australia and china with diagonal plugs.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the road to the Argentina MTC

Images of Tiffani at the airport...

A final hug at the house...

The Mohrman girls....

Tiffani, Mom and Dad...

Sisters Mohrman and Yeates and the four Elders from Utah and Idaho...great young men with great young ladies...
Tiffani and Mom...
Tiffani and Nikki...
Tiffani and Stefi...
Tiffani and Joseph...
Tiffani and KimMarie....

Hermana Tiffani Mohrman and Hermana Analey Yeates from Salt Lake City....
The family....

Sisters Mohrman and Yeates boarding the plane...

Tiffani boarding....and the plane to go to Dallas and then on to Argentina...

Today Tiffani left for the Argentina MTC. She will be there for 2 months and then on to Uruguay. As her father, it was hard to not feel much emotion. Tiffani is not only a daughter and sister...but a friend to the family and watching her face her fears was humbling and an example of more I can do and try harder...especially with my own fears. Here are some images from Tiffani with the family and a wonderful sister missionary that is travelling with would not surprise me if they are companions for the next two months. Her name is Hermana Analey Yeates and she too has a blog page and then a mission page her family will maintain. The following are the images of the day: