Monday, January 26, 2009


Hola mi familia y amigos,
Well, thank you emails from dad,mom, nikki, joseph, and kim. MUCHAS GRACIAS!! I also want to thank you for the envelope I received it last tuesday so I had to wait till day but the mms survived and they look awesome, that is so cool. thanks for the medicine also and candy and bookmarks and pictures. Joseph looks like a stud...I am excited about the quote books they are neat, we have tri zone conference friday and maybe hna yeates will be there and i´ll give her the other book because I don´t think it would be as appreciated here. THANKS!!!! So yeah i have my first official zone conference friday so I hope it is better and good. The crums might drive us i hope so. So I am glad Stefi is okay, that is sad about mahana what a good car. I am glad your program is going well for you nikki. Thanks mom for talking about me I´m sure it was great, and I´m glad your class went well. I hope you are enjoying Denver Dad, i am glad the review went well and everything worked out and I´m glad you still got to teach a tiny bit of sunday school last week i am sorry you miss it. Could you also say thanks to dawn, mary carter, marc carter, ansons, bells, kerry, and alyssa, grandma mohrman for letters and cards I received. Thanks. Mail takes forever its hard to find time to write letters. So this week has been a little interesting. our fridge went out and we didn´t know how to fix it and my comp made us work anyways and so i was praying all day that our food didn´t go bad, food is expensive here. and we came back it worked. we still bought a new plug today but it was a huge miracle. Then a few days later we had water all over our kitchen and Elder crum came and saved the day and our pipes were backed up and so he cleaned them out and got it working but his clothes are dirty but it was sooooo nice of him. And it works. Another huge blessing. The crums are so neat, we had sunday lunch with them yesterday and she is helping me know things I can cook down here that are easy and simple and she is an amazing cook. It´s awesome, i think the elders are jealous. Well, we had a relief society social and this lady brought escargot and told everyone how to make it. I couldn´t understand and glad I didn´t because I sure enjoyed wathcing everyone´s faces. They were so grossed out. It was hilarious. We had some really neat lessons this week. We visit this really neat girl who is year older than me and in a wheel chair full of tumors Blanca and her mother and they are such amazing testimonies and it´s so neat to just feel the spirit there. They are so poor they don´t have electricity and her mom got baptized less than a year a go so that´s why we visit but her husband never let her be baptized and then he died, so she did. They are just amazing women. BLanca also always supports us in english class. everyone loves the candy, i give out there and to almost all the charlas. We´ve gone through 3-4s of it. I always carry it and give it out and I let my comp eat when she wants and she ends up giving out to, copy cat. Oh and the crums have quite the sugar teeth and so it´s gone down pretty fast but I still have a bunch and i´ll get my packages friday so I am excited. Well it´s been a pretty calm pday jsut running errands all day, so I´ll try and write letters today and i will send them via pouch so we´ll see how long it takes. I LOVE YOU. I´m sorry not that very interesting, but thanks for all the news. I Hope you have a great week. THanks again sooo much for everything.
con amor,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hola from a very hot and humid Minas

Hola Mi familia and amigos,
Thanks for the emails Dad, Mom, and Nikki!!!!! Well, like the subject says it is super hot here. I think summer is coming full blast we´ve had a very mild june and beginning july as you would call it. Yesterday, we had a mission fast for rain uruguay is in a drought and we sure got it all night and yesterday morning. It was amazing how fast that fast worked. And a needed relief, but today it is roasting, saturday was 104...I know I talk about the weather a lot, the uruguayans talk about it all the time and it controls their lives, if it rains they won´t leave there houses or if it is too hot they won´t either, so it´s bad on sundays because of church. Today we went shopping down town in there super market they are sure different then american ones, they have a lot of pasta and a canned foods, bread and really basic stuff I sure miss walmart, but they have a lot of veggie stands that we get our veggies from that I eat the ranch with. Today the crums took us to the water park or factory, Minas is known for alfahors or cookies and water. So we saw that and it was neat they had a little park with plants from all over the world in the mountains and they had a spring you could drink water from coming out of a big statue of a cougar. Because a cougar is there symbol and then we saw through a window them bottoling water. It was a pretty area up more in the mountains and there is a resort up there. Then we went to a huge huge huge statue of general artigus some old general here on a horse and it was so neat it was on top of a mountain and huge. I got lots of pictures, whenever I can send them. Minas is a pretty area. ANyways it was a fun day with the Crums and we bought some alfahors we didn´t know where they made them or we would visit that factory too they are two cookies with carmel in the middle with a coating of sugar, or chocolate or something, not a big fan but everyone loves them here. The crums are spoiling us they feed us good food sometimes late at night and they had us over for ice cream and cantelope. They are neat, I feel blessed to be by them. Anyways, this week was officially the end of my change and I counted the total number of lessons I taught and it was 395. A lot huh, I mean sometimes it was just a prayer and a few words and I guess that is counted, but according to my comp it is so yeah. 395, a bunch. We also found 24 new people this week which means we schedule another appt. with them and the Ashby´s give cookies when you get 24 new people in a week. I hope we can find them again. Sometimes it is easy to let them fall through the cracks when they miss an appt or if you find a lot. I hope we can have 24 seconds or thirds even though that isn´t a number kept track of on the mission.
Well, to comment on your emails. Stamps would be nice to have but I don´t know about time pouch takes a really long time but it sounds like the other takes a long time to. So I can try both or whatever is easier. Thanks for the packages we have zone conference in 2 weeks so I hope I get them then. I loved the chocolate chip cookies in the last one, they were gone in about 1 week. hehehe. saved me money on granola bars. haha. That is fun about Naomi. You should of been hard, my teachers always were. :) Looks like for mom and nikkis birthday you get to give talks what a nice present. hehehehe. I haven´t have to give a tlak yet yeah. I am sorry it is so cold, I hear I will have my share in june and july, and august. I bet denver will be freezing. I am sorry to get a rise out of the comments about my looks, I didn´t think anything of it. haha. I love you all so much, thanks for telling me about everything, stories, things happening, spiritual thoughts. I love hearing from you. It makes me soooo happy and I am glad you are all well and enjoying everything. I am glad you had great birthdays. I am looking forward to getting that quote book, it sounds really neat. Anyways, I´ll comment more in the letter this week, even though I don´t know when you´ll get it...I LOVE YOU MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! I miss you much.
con amor, Tiffani

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hola mi familia y amigos,
Thanks for the emails from Mom, Dad, 2 from Nikki, and from Kim. THANKS!!! I haven´t had time to print and read and then write and so I think that I´ll just print them and skim them quickly and then if you have questions or need something let me know in the beginning of the letters. And then I´ll comment next week on the stuff. Congrats on the calling mom! That is so awesome you went to Germany Dad, I am glad you got stocked up. I also wrote a letter to Sister Yeates but pouch is dumb and they forget us in Minas so that it takes forever, I won´t send mail through them because it will take months. but can you let her know I love her and miss her through her mom. This week the Crums said they would mail my letters that I wrote last week and the ones this week. I am sorry they are long I had a lot of time in the hospital and I some from this week. Anyways, thanks for the encouragement, prayers, and everything. Well, I want to say my feet are normal again they don´t swell so that´s good. Thanks again for the packages I loved them and I love sharing the candy with the kids in our charlas. And the extra things, I didn´t realize how much I miss from the states. The grocery stores here are so different. But Sister Crum is giving me ideas of cheap and easy foods I can make and I am so happy with my ranch seasonings. Thanks for the vitamins they are helping with my charlie horses and I don´t have them as much. So I had my first baptism, and it was sooooo neat. Her name was Juana and she is a lamanite and she was so excited, it was last minute because she didn´t go to church on sunday till the closing prayer, but our leader interviewed her and said she needed to be baptized and I was so excited because I wanted to baptize her but because of the rules I thought we had to wait. She is so ready and she has such a hard life she is 54 and looks like she is 74 and she works for all her family because they are lazy and a lot of them belong to a devil worshiping church. She has no running water or electricity, it is so hard. But she has an incredible spirit. Elder Crum baptized her. We were worried because we waited 2 hours for her to come to the interview and because she works so hard it takes her an hour and 1-2 to walk a 30 min. walk. Hard life. But she came and she was so excited and happy to be baptized. So neat. I ended up playing the piano on their broken organ, Sister Crum taught me how to play it better. But I know Heavenly Father is helping with that because I haven´t played in so long. Then we went to the elders baptism after right after ours and after the Crums took us out to eat at a hamburger pizza places, they had good food. They are neat. It is almost like having the Cooks nearby. Please tell them hello Sister Crum cooks us late night dinner sometimes, it is awesome. When it rained they came and saved us so we could get umbrellas. The Crums are so neat, we drove with them on Sunday to the branch in Soleis, the elders want us to support them and President Ashby said that we could go once a month and it was so tiny. But it was neat a woman was baptized and received the Holy Ghost and she was neat and introduced me specifically to her nonmember son. A lot of people think I am so pretty down here and that is definitely a first, a little flattery never hurt right...but people here are so nice and loving. They also have a really neat thing here. There is a drum group that have like 25 drums, bongo drums and flag shows and they put on shows and I was able to see some and it was neat they dance and play and march up and down the roads. But yeah we´ve had some neat things this week. Next week pday will be on monday again, so yeah. Oh I made crepes while we waited for phone calls about changes, we´re staying together at least another 6 weeks, and the crepes were good, the oil is weird here but they were super good and thin and I flipped them and everything. I´ll send pics when I can but I am not promising anything I wish I could. That was nice of president to write. I know I have a lot of blessings here. I hope all is well with you all and I hope you’re all happy and healthy. Thanks again for the letters, love, and prayers. I LOVE YOU ALL MUCHO!!!
con amor, Tiffani

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pictures from the Argentina MTC

These are pictures that Tiffani's MTC companion, Hermana Yeates, sent to her mother who sent them to us...the top one is of her and her companions Hermana Orme and Yeates.

Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5th, 2009

Well, I am sorry you didn´t recieve my emails last week. I hope you can read it. Yeah, it has been an interesting a couple of weeks. Last week we hiked to a cross on a mountain overlooking the beach pretty view wasn´t thrilled it was a cross but it was a beautiful area and beautfiul view. I wrote about in the last email. Anyways, this week we helped the Crums move into there house this week and had an interesting lesson while we were helping htem move in. We had to wait for a contract to be signed so us and two sets of elders and the Crums sat in the house next door the mother of the renter and we gave her a lesson. 8 missionaires pretty funny. They are neat people and spoil us. We traveled to intereviews friday in maldonanda two hours away with them and got so lost it was so fun and had a brief interview with the president then on the way back we stopped at a american grocery store and I found a bottle of nutella in a place and I asked the crums to buy and I would pay them back 10 usa dollars. Expensive but I was excited. Then we got lost on the way back headed toward montevideo for a while and it was so fun. Then on Saturday my companion is sick so we went to the hospital in Montevideo and took a two hour bus ride and then she was there for 20 minutes and they told her there was nothing that could be done till monday so we rode back 2 hours. Wasted trip, but I am glad I can sleep anywhere, plus I could catch up a little. We were moving the crums in wednesday till midnight and then the fireworks went off it was crazy. That is where I am today in montevideo and that is why I am doing email so early we took a 5 45 bus and fortunately I slept. So nice. Anyways I will be here all day, and actually I don´t know how long, I hope we can come back tonight. I don´t want to spend the night at the hospital. Remember, in my setting apart blessing by President W. I was told that I would teach indians in the mountains. Well I guess I am in one of the few places with mountains and not utah mts but mountains for here and right now we´re are trying to baptize a indian or lamanite woman and we might actually be teaching two other indian women not exactly sure. But I thought that was cool that that promise is coming to pass. On sunday the Crums made us lunch and she is a good cook and we had american meal meatloaf, carrots, potatoes, and ranch, and watermelon. YEAH. Oh when we cleaned the house before they moved in this week they set up a grill and grillled us burgers. It was awesome and good. They don´t do that here in Uruguay. Very interesting week.
Con Amor, Tiffani
p.s. So I want to say I have the best parents in the whole world. I received three packages from you all and a letter from nikki at interviews. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I loved all the candy, cookies, nutella, ranch, A1, and all the things I asked for like hand sanitizer and vitamins. Sorry this is so rushed I don´t have to time to print read and then think. Thanks so much for all the things you sent I received the salem hills tshirt and I loved it. LOVE YA ALL.
pps. pday next week is on wednesday instead of monday because of changes so I will email then. Happy birthday mom and nikki love ya all.

December 29th, 2009

Hola mi familia y amigos,
Well I want to start off saying...Happy New Years! This email will probably be shorter because i haven´t read your emails yet because today for pday we went to pan de azucre meaning sugar bread and hiked a mountain a big steep mountain not like utah but hard and at the top was a huge monumental cross that people can climb in and stand on the top. I wasn´t that thrilled when I found out because it was a cross, but I have the say the view from there was incredible. I could see the ocean and it is so green. A gorgeous site. The cross was so huge and tall that the top was rocking back and forth a little because of the wind. Kind of scary...but the view was awesome. We woke up at 5 to catch a hour bus and then hiked in about 1 1-2 hours and then some elders were so nice and helped me down because I am not a very good hiker. At the bottom is a very large zoo and park and it was so pretty. We saw a bunch of weird animals that I have never heard of in my life. But I took pictures. They have rats down here like the killer rats on the movie princess bride. crazy and huge. After the zoo we ate a restraunt and I had hamburger that they but egg and ham on top which is really weird but decent. And now we are here doing email. It was a fun day.
p.s. Well, I want to say that talking to you all was the best christmas present I could ever have. It helped so much thank you.
I love you all and I am so grateful your my family. Thanks for sharing experiences. I hope you are all well and happy. I´ll write you more next week sorry I just don´t have a lot of time. Quick request could you check my debit card account everyso often I will use once in a while. Please also remember my medicine every month and please send multivitamins because I have been getting charlie horses and my comp says they help. Thanks. I love you and really miss you. Enjoy new years, the fireworks here will be crazy. They sound like a war zone here it was like that at christmas. crazy. I love you.
Con amor, Tiffani