Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad and America

Hola mi familia,
Well, Happy Birthday Dad!! You are getting up there. haha. I really enjoyed your talk. And Happy 4th of July everyone else! Are you going to have a yummy American barbaque? Thanks for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Kim. I truly love and appreciate them. We went to computer place to do emails and was shut down and I was panicked because I wanted to hear from you all. So we went to the grocery store, and prayed a bunch and it worked when we came back. Prayers work. Anyways, these past two days have been really good (and really cold) but our family was baptized. It was so beautiful. They were so so excited. After the baptism the dad Luis, gave me and Hna Vera a big hug and kiss on the cheek, which is totally not allowed but he suprised us and we were all so happy that ce la vi. It was really funny, because there is this really old crazy man in our ward that tried to kiss me on the cheek last week at stake conference and grabbed my head, but I put my hand in front of my face and told him to shake it. He was kind of offended but at the baptism he said he talked to the bishop and understands and he said he has repented of it because he went to the temple that day. I was trying really hard not laugh. Fortunately this guy did not see. But the baptisms were so great, I was realy ticked off at the ward, because only like 20 people came and all of them left except 5 while the family was getting dressed so no one heard them bear their beautfiul testimonies and no one except the bishop was there to welcome them in the different auxiliaries, because usually the relief society president and the young men presdient, etc, give a welcome. It was really sad. This ward is having a lot of trouble with retention especially the recent converts because they will not befriend people. It is difficult challenge. Our ward also has like 600 people and averages about 50 to 90 people everyweek, last week was 53. So we have a lot work. But if people just befriended and like called someone when they missed church or something I think they would have more people in church. Sorry to rant and rave. But the famlily Vidarte were again so excited on Sunday when they got the gift of the Holy Ghost. Wow!!! It is amazing because when we started teaching them which was like my 1st week here the house was really really dirty and the boys were crazy and always fighting, the parents smoked a lot. But as the time passed and as they went to church and read and prayed the house got cleaner and organized, they put a picture of the temple on the wall and the Savior and the boys calmed down and the parents didn{t yell at them as much, and they were excited to learn and listen. The outward and inward change was just amazing to watch these past 6 weeks. The gospel can change anyone. This friday we are having a mission conference with my new mission president. I am excited to see what he{s like. His wife doesn{t speak any english I sure hope I do not get sick, because that is who we talk to about that stuff. Anyways, it was been raining cats and dogs I have never seen rain like this in my life and plus it is cold, (I can see my breath in my apartment) we are pretty funny looking with all our rain gear. I am glad all is well with you all. That is so neat you all were able to see 2 temple open houses. Have a happy week! Thanks again for all the packages I loved them, I really appreciate the thermos kim. Thanks and I love you all mucho!!!!
con amor, Tiffani

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another change has gone by...

Hola mi famlia,
Gracias for your emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Aunt Charlene. Thank you Brother and Sister Cook for the money! Congrats on your callings Nikki and Stefi that is awesome, wow, I will keep you in my prayers. Also, I am glad you feel better mom and can go to the mtc again. That would have been cool if you could have met my mission president. And a big congratulations to you Dad for meeting your goal. Maybe I will start when I have a companion who wants to run also. That is so great. Thanks again for the packages I truly loved them and am so happy. The egg thing is pretty neat.
Well, we are not changing, I get another change with Hna Vera that is great. She is awesome, it will be good to be with her but it is going to be difficult because we do not have any investigators, but it is okay we will find people. But we are baptzing our family tomorrow. The family Vidarte. I AM SO EXCITED!! They are so neat. And they are so excited for their baptisms. They are pretty poor, but when they found out that stake conference was last week they got church clothes and dressed up so nice. It was a amazing. They loved the conference and they pray together and read the scriptures and are starting to have family home evening. It is unreal. I am attaching pictures of our baptisms 2 weeks ago Camila and Grasiela and also a picture of the family that are getting baptized tomorrow. Hna Yeates and Hna Orme are going to be companions together in Minas. So not fair. But I am happy for them. At the stake conference we got to listen to Elder Bowen. And it was really neat, he also had a special meeting for the recent converts before and he really excited them and explained all the things they need to hear like do not get offended at the people and endure to the end. It was really neat. We have one recent convert Facundo who was in love with the missionary that baptized him and so he just gets offended really easy and hasn{t come while I was here. But he loves president Ashby and so we called him and they talked to together at the night session of stake conference and he completely changed he decided to come to the next day conference and he listens to us and is excited to learn and he helped with a lesson in the following week. He still has a ways to go, but the change in his countenance already is amazing. I hope he keeps going. It still is so very cold, but as we were walking home from a charla, I realized I love being a missionary. It is still hard everyday and my spanish is not very good, but It is so neat to see the lives of people change and know that I am a tiny part of that. I am really grateful for the experiences that I have had and I just love studying the scriptures and finding new things. It is truly a blessing. I know Heavenly Father has watched over me a lot these past almost 9 months, and all my life for that matter. I love you all a lot, thanks for the prayers, love, support, packges, american food, emails, letters, total, THANK YOU!!! I will keep working hard. Have a happy week. I think pday will be normal on monday, so I will hear from you all in 2 days. Enjoy the warmth, :).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hola mi familia,
Happy Father's Day dad!!!! Thanks for being an AWESOME dad! So these past couple weeks have been crazy and will continue to be so until our new president comes, July 1st. Our pday was changed to friday for zone conference so I have been there all day, and next week is changes so I don{t know what will happen and pday will not be till that friday. Bummer, but ce la vi!! Thanks for the emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Kim. I was so excited to read them, almost 2 weeks is a long time. It would be so hard if I didn't have email like mom and dad. Saturday we had our baptisms Camila and Grasiela and it was fantastic 45 people came including the famlies which aren{t members. It was really neat and they were so so excited. Right after the baptism the Bishop asked me to speak in church the next day and we had ward council and seven forty five. So that was scarey, I wrote a talk and ended up just talking. It was amazing, not very good, but amazing that I sort of did it. That night we had a missionary youth activity about Joseph Smith and watched the Restoration and talked about Joseph Smith and listened to music while we wrote our testimonies and then encouraged them to share a missionary flier with their friends. It was neat. This week has been hard because we have not had a pday but our family is going strong. They are really excited for their baptisms on the 27th. And we have a lot of members who are helping us with lessons with them so they get more incorprated in the ward. We hope that we will both be here to see it. Zone conference was really good. We had it with 6 zones and so it was huge. And it was sooo great because I got to see the Crums, Hna Wilson, and Hna Yeates. I was so excited when I found out they were coming. And they are doing great and the people we baptized are doing great. The crums are leaving next thursday, they gave me a big hug. It was soo great. They fed us a really nice meal and we watched a movie called Only a Stonecutter you should really see it, it{s amazing you can probably find it at deseret book or something. The spirit was really strong. And it was sad because this is the last time I{ll see the Ashby{s and they gave some nice gifts. They really are great people. I also recieved my packages finally. I recieved 4 from you guys and one from Grandma mohrman, so if you could tell her and thanks I will write her she was worried about it not getting here. I just cut them open and looked because our pday was gone but THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I AM SO EXCITED! For the shirts, food, egg thing, etc. I sure miss american food. haha. THANK YOU!! The other missionairies were soo jealous. I just said I am loved. But really thank you. I am glad all is well. Have fun traveling dad, I hope you don{t get to tired. Get better mom. Have a happy week!!! I love you all mucho. Oh and Happy Anniversary mom and dad!
con amor, Tiffani

Monday, June 8, 2009


Hola mi familia,
Muchas gracias for the emails Dad, Mom, and Kim. I´m glad life is going well for you all. Congrats Joseph on that honor. I´m glad your feeling better Mom. You need to send your talk Dad. Good luck with softball Kim, I´m a little jealous. Oh, thanks for the addresses. Anyways, well first this has been a really good week we have had a lot of family home evenings with investigador and less actives and strong families and it´s been really good. We started this activity with the ward called 14 days of dedication and every family needs to read from the book of mormon a little everyday together and have a family prayer and have 2 family home evenings about misssionary work. And we started with a fast yesterday for the missionary work and then after we will have a family home evening as a ward and to share experiences and stuff. The ward is really excited and supporting us. And then yesterday we had a investigador family mom, dad, and two sons come for all three hours of church and they enjoyed it. It was fantastic and we´re going to ask them to be baptized tonight. And our baptisms to be Camila and Grasiela are still going strong and they are excited for the baptisms saturday and the ward is excited so I hope they come. Grasiella´s two little kids started coming and I am using my orgami skills to keep them occupied in church so Grasiella can pay attention. The boy Marcello always wants to sit by me and calls me Hermana morMON and says the last part really loud, he´s really cute. We´re also having a youth activity to watch the restoration and talk about Joseph Smith and have them write their testimonies and give us references this sunday so hopefully that will be really good. This past week we have tried a little different technique in all our tracting, we got a ward list which has over 600 names and only about 70 come. But we are playing detectives and searching for the less actives and those that will talk to us we´re asking references. Because for example we knocked a long street yesterday both sides and we have to clap and so the neighbors know we´re in the area and then no one answers the door. So it´s pretty difficult. But hopefully with some time this will work. And hopefully we can help bring some people back. Today we´re having a zone activity and watching a Joseph Smith movie and eating Uruguayan calzones so that will be interesting. So this past week has been pretty productive and it´s amazing how the work moves with the support of the ward. The bishop is amazing. The members are always giving us food which means they like us. Oh one of the members is a returned missionary who served in California and she asked me if I could make her cinamon rolls, so could you send me your recipe dad please? I haven´t gotten any packages yet because we haven´t had zone conference yet unfortunately but I´ll let you know when I get them. We´re going to have it next week because it´s the last one for President Ashby. I´m glad you liked the alfajores treats, they are filled with dulce de leche which is on every dessert here. I like the chocolate ones better but that was a speciality of Minas so I sent those ones. I love you all much. Thanks for everything. I sure love the shirts they help keep me warm. Have a happy warm week!
con amor, Tiffani

Monday, June 1, 2009

8 months...WOW

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,
Muchas gracias for the emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Aunt Charlene!! Oh and I recieved the envelope with the shirts and medicine THANK YOU THANK YOU I LOVE THEM!!!! You don´t have to send me ampicillin anymore the doctor said I could stop it now. I´m so so glad your surgery went well mom. How long will you be down? Congrats dad on the 20 pounds, I wish I could lose 20 pounds..haha. That´s hilarious you cut your own hair Nikki. It´s like those little kid stories. hahaha... Congrats on finsihing another school year Jose Vaughn. Anyways...Well the great news is I am all healthy right now, cold but healthy I called Hna Ashby and she told me medicine to get and my cold and cough is gone and I told her about my mattress and she had the elders bring me a brand new one that day. It was fantastic. So no more bed bugs. It all works out as you guys always tell me. It has been FREEEZING here I have been wearing on average 8 layers on bottom and 7 layers on top and a scarf, hat, and gloves. It´s pretty funny, but it´s oh so cold. We tract a lot more this area, because we don´t have as many lessons. It´s hard work. The people here are a lot more hard and not friendly and so we make a lot of people mad. Yesterday we found this big apt. building that you had to be buzzed in so we rang each button and took turns talking in the speaker phone it was so funny, because it was like that movie Errand of Angels when they tried to say as much as they could before they hung up on them, when people left the building they just glared at us and made sure the door was shut tight. Oh well, the great news is we have 2 baptism coming up for June 13 and they are great. Camilla is 9 and she comes to church by herself for 3 hours for the past 6 weeks and reads and prays amazing little girl and then Grasiella she´s a older woman and she comes to church for 3 hours also and she was found 2 weeks before I got here. It´s amazing. We also found this super friendly woman who gave us her number because she really really wanted to meet with us but was busy and we´re like this is really strange and so make an appt. and went and she made us hot chocolate and gave us cookies and we look at each other and we´re like we hope she´s not poisoning us, because she was over the top friendly and turns out she was an evanglist and just appreciates what we´re doing but she wants nothing to do with it and she invited us to her church, but we´re going to try to give her a book of mormon this week if she´ll see us. I asked Hna Vera if I could teach more and she´s so awesome and letting me do it, it´s difficult but I have to practice. I´m also teaching english class we have like 15 people come mostly kids so we play games and I bribe them with candy, it´s fun. Oh we had a zone meeting instead of a district meeting last week to motivate us to be really obedient and work really hard because President Ashby want to leave with a bang and so we´ll have zone conference like a 2 weeks before he leaves. Oh I forgot to tell you that when I was at the bus station to go to my new area I was talking to this Hermana who is 4 months behind me and she went the CCM in argentina and had our teacher Hno Melerio and I guess he brags about that we gave the best charla he´s ever heard in the CCM, the one that made him cry. But she goes, yeah I´ve heard of you and your companions by name from him. My companion and I had the goal to blow you guys out of the water. So that was funny. I didn´t even think he liked me that much. So that was fun to hear. Well, I´m glad the funeral for Sister Rasmussen went well, she was an incredible lady. I hope you feel better soon mom. Enjoy the warmth. Thanks for the emails, packages, and letters, and prayers. I love you all mucho mucho.
con amor, Tiffani
p.s. could you please send me the addresses for Aunt Charlene and Naomi?