Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update from the Goose...

Tiffani did not have a regular p-day this week because of transfers and a conference. She did however indicate that her companion, Hermana Ditmar was transferred and her new companion is from Boise, Idaho and her name is Sariah Wilson. We look forward to learning more.

So instead of getting a regular email from Tiffani, we received on from the Senior Missionaries in her town that she speaks about...the Crums. Here is there email from Monday the 22nd:

Hello to the familia Morhman,
First let me identify myself, I am Hermana Rosie Crum, my husband and I are a senior coouple serving in Uruguay. We have been in Minas since the 1st day of January. We came to Minas in december to get to know the area and look for a house, Hermana Mohrman and Hermana Dittmar had located a house for us, and we liked it and we had lunch with the girls and went back to our area, 1 and 1/2 hours away. We moved the 31st of December and have loved the oppportunity to get to know Hermanita Tiffani.
We have watched her grow, both in spanish and in confidence of her abilities. We truly love her and appreciate her cute sense of humor.
We live only a few blocks from the apartment of the sisters, and most nights when they finish their work they stop by, for a recap of the day and sometimes for something good to eat. (american). Often we study spanish with them in the morning, we didn't speak spanish before we came here either, and we have enjoyed Tiffani as she has shared the first vision, in spanish with us and shared her testimony in spanish also.
She is bright, talented, and fun. Missions are hard but she is adjusting, (so are we, and we only have 4 months left.) we just wanted to share with you both that we love your daughter and that she is doing well. One day it will click and she will understand what the people are saying, and then oh boy look out, she will be a fire ball. She has had great training in the workings of the mission, and will be a great trainer for someone else, later on.
I know you are proud of her and so are we and we feel like we know you a little, because she shares her love for you with us. Last night she said she loved Uruguay and the people here, and always she shares her love of the Savior.
Thanks for sharing your darling daughterr with us.
Los Crums from Mesa Arizona

Monday, February 16, 2009


Hola mi familia y amigos,
Well, just to let you know in advance we didn´t print emails first and so I´m not going to comment a lot on them because I haven´t read them but thank you Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Kim. I´m glad Joseph is doing well in basketball. And Nikki is okay and the car can be fixed. I´m so happy you can breathe and eat better dad that is so amazing. And I´m always glad to hear you love the mtc and it is going well mom, nikki should defintely volunteer. I really liked the mtc. I hope stefi is well also, i assume she is...Anyways, this last week we had that fiesta at the crums which was pretty neat. We had over 60 people come and most were nonmembers which was the goal. It was awesome. It was an american party and therefore we helped hna crum all monday cook and prepare for the party. We showed two dvds finding faith and the restoration. It was quite the thing, and people really liked the american food. Pres. Ashby´s daughter came recently from the states and brought back squeeze cheese like you sent me and we used that and a lot of people really liked that. Yummy stuff, and we had hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, veggies and dip, cookies and cakes, peanut buter and jelly sandwiches, and koolaid courtesy of you all. Thanks. They loved Koolaid. It was a long day but a success and elder crum playd the harmonica and they sang a duet ith hna crum and it was really neat I spent most of the time restocking food and helping ebcause it is still really hard to communiacate with people. Hna Crum was a cateror so it was quite the set up we had going. Well, this week I had to give a talk in district meeting, my district leader must really like to hear me or knows how much I don´t like to give them, two talks in 3 days. Anyways, I survived. The crums went to montevideo to watch the mission office for 4 days, so I missed them. But it was a blessing because the day before my shoe broke my 100 dollar shoe and they took them to find a place to fix them so hopefully it will be good. Um, we also had 12 people in church this week and that was awesome and our investigador will be able to be baptized saturday. Oh I also have interviews wednesday in maldanado so that will be interesting. I´ll get my packages. I hope it goes good. We have changes next week and my comp thinks she will be changed so I might have a new companion next week and remember that conference next week so I don´t know if I will be able to email next week at all and if I do it will be wednesday, so you don´t worry or anything and still write just in case. I hope I can. Well, it´s gotten really hot again and humid but I wear a lot of sunscreen and a goofy looking hat to protect me. I have the funniest tan lines. We´ve found 27 new people this week so it´s been really successful and we´ll get cookies again. Well thanks for the emails again. I love you. Tell kim happy birthday.
con amor, Tiffani

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hola mi familia....Happy Valentines Day!!!

Hola mi familia y amigos,
Thanks for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki and Kim. Truly Truly Truly appreciate them. Well, I am glad all is well and I´m sorry it is cold... too bad we can´t mix our weathers to have it in the middle. Anyways, yesterday I gave my first spanish talk in Uruguay. SCAREY, but it wasn´t that bad. There is an extension of our branch about 40 minutes away called Soleis. We went last month and they have elders there. Well we go with the crums once a month for a support and the elders asked me to talk and guess what on. The fifth principle of the gospel, so I already had ideas which was great and I used a lot of preach my gospel because it´s the only way I can make it long enough. They asked 2 days before so I had to stay up late to finish it, but I did. It´s kind of peaceful at night anyways to think. Anyways, I was the concluding speaker...again a lot of pressure and I did it, and I apologized for my spanish in the beginning and then i gave my simple talk. There were only about 20 people there with 6 missionaires. But they told me after I did well and it was encouraging. Also, this week there was a huge huge spider in our house and it was so scary looked like a tarantula and I got stuck killing it because I didn´t want elder crum to come out of bed to kill it and that´s what would have happened if I didn´t kill it. I had to spray it down from the wall with mosquito killer and then when it got low enough I smashed with a shoe and screamed bloody murder. haha. It was so scary, but now kind of funny.
On the 21st we are probably going to have a baptism for a woman named Alejandra which will be really neat. She is working on quitting smoking... oh and our last baptism Juana has gone AWALL and has been missing since the week after her baptism we go to her house everyday but no luck so we´ll keep looking and praying. It´s really sad, because she isn´t even enjoying the blessings of being baptized. ´This week we had a couple of spanish study sessions with the crums and they are so nice and encouraging and patient. Elder crum doesn´t even speak spanish. the crums still spoil us and took us out to eat at a restraunt friday which was really good and soooo nice. They are so great and spoiling us. Well, sorry not a lot of info, I spent some of the writing time reading because we didn´t get to print first. But could you send me more medication I´ll have enough till the next package hopefully. Thanks so much for the love, support, and prayers. I love you all so much. Thanks for the help. Well, have a happy week. I´m glad you could see minas on google earth. I keep you all in my prayers. We´re having a fiest tonight as a missionary activity with the crums so i´ll let you know how it goes next week, it is exciting and i am using some of the kool aid to help out. we´re expecting like 60 people. It will be fun. i love you.
con amor, Tiffani

Monday, February 2, 2009

google earth image of Minas


Hola mi familia y amigos,
Well, first I would like to thank you mucho much for the package, I recieved one at zone conference and it had awesome seasonings and candy, nutella, snoopy mug, mustard...thank you soooooooooo much!! I loved it. Also thank you for the emails, Mom, Dad, Nikki, Joseph, STEFI...I almost died of shock. hehe. I always love hearing from you all. Thanks also for the words of comfort. Thanks for the patience. Mom...your talk was wonderful, and not because it was about me but it really reminded me of a lot of things. I have had some neat times these past four months. So Elder y Hna Crum´s kids google earth Minas and they can see where they live so I thought you could try it. We live on the road artigus and there is an LDS chapel on it and we live across the road from it down a tiny bit in a bunch of houses connected together by the fork in the road. So if you want to try it.
Well, I had my first zone conference it was really interesting...I couldn´t understand a lot of it. But I learned a lot. Our mission goal is having march maddness like the numbers in march maddness 16 lessons with a member every week, 8 investigadors in church, 4 baptisms and other numbers like that but based off march maddness. We also played a scripture search game based on basketball shooting. It was interesting and it was a lot of being obedient and stuff like that but it was also really good and I like the Ashby´s. They fed us uruguayan pizza after and it was okay but it was really nice of them. I got some choc. chip cookies from sister ashby because we found 24 new people a couple weeks ago. So they were good. I shared with the crums and they appreciated it. I also got a letter from hna orme it was really nice and encouraging and she says hi. I´m sure she misses the chocolate. hehe. I didn´t get to see her or hna yeates which is sad but I will feb. 25 we are having a mission conference that day and Elder Jay Jensen and Elder Zivic are coming to talk to the whole mission so just to let you know that pday is feb. 25 a wednesday and I don´t know if I will be able to email. I sure hope soooo. But just a heads up. It will be neat to hear from the general authorities.
Last week the crums had a barbeque after district mtg. which was awesome, they went to an american store in montevideo so we got doritos too...small american pleasure. I love the stuff you sent. I ate pudding with the crums yesterday and they loved it also. America is such a great place and not just the food! I know obama is a moron but I am sure glad we have the gospel. There are some stupid people here that congratulate us on our new pres. and love him and as missionaries we can´t express political opinions, but they just don´t understand anything. I don´t understand why they care so much.
So yesterday I bore my testimony in Sacrament. I was sitting next to an investigator Maria and I challenged her to go and she wouldn´t so I said I would go with her and she did. and for the first time ever it was neat that she tried. Part of the challenge was for me because it is always scary to bare my testimony as you know but I did and I balled, it´s so scary. But I am glad I did. And I realized as I bore my testimony that I really love these people here. They are really neat. It´s still hard and hot duh...but I´m glad I´m here in Minas with these people. We are teaching some neat people, but they need to get married so we´re waiting. The elders had a baptism saturday and I stumbled thorugh the piano, but no one else could so I´m glad I was there. Well, I sure miss you all sooooo much. And I know this is important, I love you mucho mucho. Thanks for the emails the words of comfort and encouragement and stories and events and everything help sooo much. Thanks for always being there for me. I keep you all in my prayers. Have a great week!!! LOVE YA´LL!!!!
con amor, Tiffani