Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3, 2008 - I am in Uruguay!!!!

Well, I am here. It has been a whirlwind the past couple of days. And I am finally in my area Minas. Ummm, so my pday will be on mondays from now on and on transfer on wednesdays and sometimes they just change it randomly, so I hope it will be pretty regular but you never know so don´t worry if I don´t send you a weekly email once in a great while, our pdays are moved. Anyways, it was a half an hour flight to Montevideo and we were picked up by the president and his wife and all the assistants they were so nice. We then came back had a quick orientation and ate lunch. Next we had pictures with the president at the temple and he will send you picture of me and them and I also wrote a letter to you yesterday and had some of the things I wanted...sunscreen, not charged ones because my charger is not working, hand sanitizer, multivitamins with calcium (Hna. Ashby said I should take one everyday), carmax, black permant marker, peptobismal, and bandaids, ranch dressing packets, I know random, they are all things that would be helpful, oh and could you start refilling my prescriptions yasmin, spironlact, ampicillin, including one for semprex my allergies are here. I´m sorry I´m taking time to write things I need I´m sure you want to here more interesting things. After we wrote a letter we had more orientation and they are really neat, we visited and the assistants answered questions about Uruguay. It sounds like it is going to be hard, I am so grateful for your prayers. Later, we ate, and had interviews with the president. I kind of cried as I am sure you are all surprised and told him how scared I was of dogs and the rigorous schedule we are working all day with study in the morning, and the walking and heat. I felt like such a baby. He was really nice and just expects my best and with your prayers and love, I will be fine. Muchas gracias. We stayed that night at the temple hotel like the ones we stayed at in Argentina super nice. We stayed with two girls who are coming home today, it was kind of hard to see that, but they were so nice and encouraging. The next day we met our trainers her name is Hermana Dittmar she is from Texas but her family moved to Utah and live in Provo now. She is super nice and very encouraging. I really appreciate that. We had to go to immigration and get a health exam and give our blood. Took a while and then we took a two hour bus ride to our area. It is nice and really different. Looks a lot like argentina. Lots of palm trees. which I like. Tonight we have about 5 appts. pretty scarey, but Hna Dittmar is so encouraging and is willing to help me whenever and whereever I need it. I am really grateful for that. Well, I think I mentioned everything. I love you all, thanks for the love and support. I received emails from Nikki, joseph, mom and dad. I recived a envelope from Dad in argentina and one in Uruguay but it was addressed to the president so I gave it to him. I received and envelope from kim in Uruguay. THANKS SO MUCH. FOR ALL OF IT!!! Te Amo Mucho. I miss you all. I hope all is well. Thanks for the news. Enjoy the holiday season. I know I am doing the best thing for the holiday season. Love ya.
Con amor, Tiffani...

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