Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20th, 2008 - Greetings from the CCM...

Hola mi familia y amigos,
I hope you all are doing well. Thanks for the letter from Grandma. I received the two packages THANKS THANKS THANKS!!! Just like Christmas. I also received emails from Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Joseph. Thank you much!!! I love hearing from you! Well, It sounds like life is getting exciting for you all that time of the year. I keep playing Christmas music over and over to get in the spirit. And I actually miss the snow covered mountains. One night as I was missing them and the holiday season I was thinking I am right next to a mountain and it is white. The temple. It made me feel better and so I can listen to Christmas music and look at the temple. Happy Holidays!! Eat lots of good food and cook lots for me. I cannot believe I am leaving in a week and a half. A lot of missionaries are going crazy being here but I am pretty content, I mean everything is taken care of for me, it is cool, and I just get to enjoy studying. Because when I leave I will walk all day in the lovely humid heat and start having to cook for me and Hna Wilson gave us a lesson on taking care of our health out in the field and all the bugs and parasites just waiting to make a home in me and kind of scared me so I am just really grateful to be here. I am working on being happy about the field. Because I really love proseylting on Saturdays. You know me and change. haha. It will be good. Ummmm...this last week we went proseylting on Saturday and I always forget to tell you dad but driving in France was heaven compared to here, the lines on the free way are more like guidelines that as long as one wheel is in or half the car in or around then your okay. We’ve had some pretty close calls driving to the area but it is a bus full of missionaries so I think we’re okay. But they are CRAZY with driving!! It was a neat day! We were able to have some good placements on Book of Mormons and talk to some neat people. We talked to this guy Martin who already had a Book of Mormon and was asking us doctrinal questions in spanish...kind of tricky. But we did pretty well he was catholic and wanted to know why we didn’t worship Mary and worship and stuff like that. He was neat and accepted our simple answers and testimony and said he would read and pray more. Saturday really gave me a strong strong desire to memorize where more things are in the scriptures. We also talked to this girl Sophia and she said she didn’t believe in God but we realized it was because she didn’t know about God she really liked listening to us and said she would read. Those are just some of the experiences but we were so much more united and bolder on Saturday and contributed more. We had a companionship goal for Hna. Yeates to talk more and she did and she did AWESOME!!! I really like my companions and I am really going to miss them. We already talk about how excited we will see each other at zone conference. Hna Orme says in exchange for all the chocolate I have given her she is going to find me a husband during her last semester at BYU. Pretty funny girl huh... On Sunday we watched Legacy it was better than I thought it was I used to hate it because it was so sad and it was still very sad but I appreciated it more. This week we had two english fasts where we couldn’t talk any english for part of the day and we get really good at charades. haha. We have been playing some scripture and spanish games a couple times a week against the other district that is going to our same district and we beat them. I have a really good district and they are really smart in the scriptures. very motiviating. I like my teachers. Things are good. I played the piano on Sunday and I didn’{t do too bad just my rhythm I insisted on Silent Night because of my ancestor and everything. It was good. Thanks again for your emails and letters I love them. I hope all is well. Sorry this is a little scatterbrained in writing. Te Amo!!!!!
Con Amor, Tiffani

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Troy said...

For those who read these blog letters of Tiffani, We print up any comments and send them to her so that she has them. So feel free to make any comments you would like. Tiffani will be arriving in Uruguay on Dec 2nd.