Monday, October 12, 2009

Another week...with a great bapism

Hola mi familia y amigos,
¿Como estan? I´m glad all is well. Thanks for the emails Dad, Mom, and Hermana Bell. I really appreciate knowing how everything is going. This past week has been really good. Our investigator Irene was baptized and it was a really beautiful service. She was so excited to be baptized. When we were asking the questions to prepare her for her interview she said she had an abortion when she was younger and so she had to have an interview with one of mission presidents counselors. But everything went well, and her daughter and son in law and grandkids came and supported her. It was really great. We are teaching them right now so hopefully they will follow in her footsteps. On Sunday when she recieved the gift of the holy ghost she bore her tesimony of her own will and she was really grateful for the gospel. It was neat. We also had a spring activity on friday and it was pretty funny. Because there is this one lady in the ward who wanted to really help plan the activity and so she said we should act out Alma 32. And one of us should be the dirt, the seed, and the tree and her boyfriend our ward mission leader would narrate. So I was the seed, it was pretty embarrassing and hillarious actually. This woman said she was going to be the soil and so she dressed in all black and had a black nylon on her head and she said she was going to be fertile soil and dance. (How dancing means fertile soil, I have no idea) But her boyfriend turns on some classical music and then in a very dramatic voice talks about Alma 32 and she comes out and starts wiggling because shes fertile soil. I was trying so hard not laugh and then it was my turn and I made a seed around my neck so I sat down like a seed in dirt. It was sooo funny. But the thing is we had investigadors and I could see their faces, they were like, who are these crazy mormons? But at least we made that woman happy and our ward mission leader. But after we decorated little cakes like sugar cookies and gave them sprinkles and colored frosting and they really enjoyed it. So that was good. My companion got a little sick this week and on saturday and sunday I started feeling bad, the spring weather here is crazy hot and cold, hot and cold. But now I am better, thank goodness. Springtime is really pretty here there are so many kinds of flowers and it is so green. Our area is so huge, it´s a bunch of little tiny towns put together so we ride buses all the time. We also get to use trains once in a while which is fun. We are having zone conference and interviews October 23. So I will get my packages then. They are combining them so I guess I will only get packages every 6 weeks which is a bummer, so if you could send my medicine well in advance, that would be good. I am excited for the thanksgiving one, hope I get it before thanksgiving haha. Thanks for your testimonies and experiences. I love hearing about them. Thanks for the encouragement, advice, and prayers. I love you all mucho.
con amor,
ps. here are some photos. The first are of the baptism of Irene and her family. And then there is one of her with this cute little family that the boys always give us little presents. And then one of our acting out of alma 32. so so funny.

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