Monday, October 19, 2009

Middle of it´s getting warmer!!!

Hola mi famlia y mi amigos,
How are ya´ll doing? I figured I´d start out a little different. Anyways, thanks so much for the emails Dad, Mom, and Kim. I sure love them and you all too. I´m glad things are going very well. But this last week was good, we had a baptism for the cutest girl. Her name is Brenda and she´s 9. She´s the daughter of a used to be less active. The hermanas found her before I got here and got the ward involved in helping her because she´s a single mom and left the church because she joined and then met someone and they got married and he beat her. So she divorced him and moved. But we´ve been teaching her and her daughter and she was so excited to be baptized. And her mom has come back and she said a beautiful prayer at the baptism and how grateful she was for the church in her life. The ward has been really great with her and really supportive and helpful. It was such a beautiful service and Brenda borrowed this pretty little baptism dress, because they don´t have anything with her pink tennis shoes, there´s a picture it´s soooo cute. Earlier on Saturday, my companion had a baptism in another area and so we got permission and went. I really love baptisms, they are so neat and I love to see how excited they are. I ended up playing the piano for both baptisms, it was kind of amazing because in the mission I am able to play a lot a lot more hymns and I know Heavenly Father has really helped me with that and so I´m glad I can help. We had a really funny charla this last week with a family who the dad we are trying to help quit smoking and so we brought the branch president because he used to smoke, and it was the funniest, shake your head kind of charla. Because he starts telling stories of his crazy ways of quitting like being around people that smoke all the time, and having cigaretts in your pocket. We´re like what are you thinking? And then he started telling stories of when he got drunk. And we´re like stop stop.. But he just kept going and going. But by the end everyone was laughing. The president said the prayer and he was late with a interview with the stake president and he said in the prayer with the family there please bless that the stake president won´t hit him for being a half an hour late. We´re like...well that´s the last time he´s coming on a word of wisdom charla. The branch president is a really interesting, but really nice fellow. But we made a schedule with the dad and he´s almost done quitting, the sad thing was we tried set a baptismal date with them yesterday and they said no, because they don´t want to change and there is a lot of rules in the church. It was sad, but they said we can keep visiting them, so we´re going to keep working with them. Oh, Hna Yeates called me to give a reference yesterday and told me this cute cute kid Jose Luis, that we had found and had been working with got baptized in La Paz. I was so excited. We also had an incredible day at church yesterday, we had 10 investigadors. It´s been a very successful week. We also had an activity Friday that the young men we´re supposed to be in charge but they didn´t come till hours laters, so we at to do it, but we played ping pong and guess what all those practicing games of me losing paid off yet again. I beat everyone. It´s so fun. Also, this friday is zone conference and interviews so I will get my packages. YEAH!! Thanks so much in advance for the christmas package. I´m excited, is there anyway you can put in knee high nylons. I go through them fast, because the dusty roads just tear them up. And they are required, and they are really expensive here. Also maybe 45 or 50 boxes would be great dad. THANKS!!! Have a great great week. THanks for the prayers and advice and help and love. I LOVE YOU!!!
con amor, Tiffani
p.s. here are some baptism photos.

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