Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 18 months in the mission April 1st!!!!!! CRAZY!! (from March 29)

Hola mi querida familia y amigos,
Como andan? Muchas gracias for your emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Kim!! And a thank you to Hna Vera!!! I´m really glad all is well!! I´m super excited for conference and it´ll be fun that we´ll watch it at the exact same time!!! Have fun at priesthood Dad and Joseph. This week has been good. I have a great companion and we´re very united and so we share everything and so it was her turn to be sick this week. She was sick for 4 days and so we were in the house that time. I was bored out of my mind, but I have a good comp and she´s fun to be with even sick. I really know my apartment here in Paso a lot. It´s really good that I´m staying an extra three weeks just to make up for the week of my toe, the week of the flu and the flu of my comp.
But she´s better now and so we can work. We had a miracle these past 2 weeks this really great investigador we have Pamela, she´s 27. she´s came to church and we´re having a baptism for her friday the day before the conference. She´s really excited. And so are we. She´s really medicated on depression pills and so she has a glazed look on her face all the time, but she understands everything and is reading book of mormon and loving the church. And I´ve seen more emotion on her face now that she´s participating in the church. It´s amazing her family is against this but she´s set on
going and the ward the sisters are really befriending her. I´m so excited for her. So please pray for her. I also this week had zone conference well a tri zone conference. My very last zone conference ever. It was really a wierd feeling. All the missionaries that go home give there testimonies in front of everyone. I only cried a little bit. :) But I received great news, the family gonzalez that we taught in progresso is progressing well and they are getting baptized in May. I´m so stoked. This last conference was really good. The president talked a lot about the book of mormon and the power in this book and he gave us all a new copy of the book of mormon in spanish and told us to read it before the next conference. And do what we ask investigadors to do and pray to know the truth of the book. And mark all the
parts that mention the savior and the words he says. So I decided because I only have to month left to finish it in a month. That´s 23 pages a day, in spanish and it´s pretty intense. But I´ve been doing it and it´s amazing EVERY page mentions the Savior or God, every page. It´s so neat, I can´t get a ton out of it because I´m a lot slower reader in spanish but I´m learning and my testimony is growing. And I´m excited to read the book of mormon my last month of the mission. It´s like a cherry on top of the mission. We also this week, went to my first quince party. This recent convert had her 15th birthday party and it´s huge the number 15 so we went and watched and ate.
It was really fun. I love this family, Flia Ferdandez and am excited for you to meet them. They treat us so well and they would do anything for the church for the Savior. But this is what happened this week. I´m excited to work this week. We´re healthy now and we´ll be careful. :) I hope you all have a great week!!! Enjoy conference!!! I love you all MUCHO!!
con amor, Tiffani

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