Monday, April 5, 2010

100 Countacts (from March 22)

Hola mi famlia y mi amigos,
Como andan? Muchas Gracias for the emails, Mom, Dad, Nikki, Joseph, and Kim. I´m glad things are going well. I´m glad you had a great trip to Alaska dad and a great trip phoenix all of you. Mom, tell that crazy stalker dude that if he doesn´t stop he´s going to have a angry returned missionary come and give him a piece of my mind and a lesson on the eternal families. Say hi to grandma for me dad, and tell her I love her. Well, this past week has been quite interesting. I got really sick this past week. Go body is almost done... It´s like that scripture the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Yeah, my flesh is dying. haha. I got the flu, stomach flu, and fever and we were out from work for 4 days. It was super boring as always, but I have a good comp and she did a great job at entertaining. We had fun,
even though I felt awful. But we have such a good ward and this elderly couple that´s like our grandparents called and visited us everyday to make sure we had everything. And then they did our laundry. SOO kind. I told them I would visit there daughter when I get back she lives in ogden and she´s a less active returned missionary. So they are excited about that. And it will be fun to see connections when I get back. But now I´m better and working.
The subject is "100 contacts" because during this illness of mine, my doofy zone leader was telling my district leader to excite us to work and to push and I´m like, you are such a dork, I have a fever and my body hurts so bad.
This past week the president really wanted the whole mission to do there 140 contacts for the week. And it´s saturday and we´re like well that´s to bad we have 13. But we just kind of thought that we could try. So on saturday we did 100 contacts. It was NUTS!! I was so exhausted and sore after. But by sunday we did 140. And they were real contacts not just throwing brochures at people, but we really talked to 100 people or groups of people. CRAZY! We celebrated with pizza and ice cream. It was well deserved. But also, this week we have a baptismal date with a great investigador, Pamela. She´s a great person. She´s like 27 and she´s heavily medicated on depression pills.
It´s really sad. But she understands the church and the things we´re teaching and she loves it. We went to go get her Sunday and she already left for the church because we were a little late. And it was rainy. We were excited. She´s scheduled to be baptized the day before general conference.
So if you´d like, you can all pray for her, her family is really against it. I really am enjoying my personal study and more my companion study now that I have a new comp. But I just love how much I´m learning and how much the scriptures talk to me. It´s so interesting. I was reading in the book of omni and jarom and I was like what is the point of this book, it´s like 5 authors and they write like a verse each. But then I thought that´s kind of sad actually, most people don`t say how much they love the book of omni or how it´s been a answer to their questions. But when reading the authors are like well I´m doing this because it´s a commandment and here´s my part. But I was like there calling was to write in the book of mormon a record that would be read for ever and they just half heartily did there callings, and there writings are a testimony of that. I was like how important to always
magnify our callings, who knows what things they could have written to help us now or there children. And I´ve seen that here, how important it is to do our callings and the magnfiy them so we can help others. So that´s what I learned the past couple of days. I´m going to miss miss miss this fixed personal study every day. And I know I have to fight with a lot of other thigns to keep my personal study after the mission. But I plan to. Thanks so much for everything. I love you all much!!!
con amor, Tiffani

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