Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hola mi famila y mi amigos,
I decided to write you all one last time. Como andan? I hope all is well. Thanks for the emails Dad (a couple), Nikki, and Kim. Well, last week was really good, so wierd it was my last week as a missionary. But it was good. We found a few new people to help the area keep growing, which is really great. We had some rain storms as well. Always fun we sang and danced in the rain. And we had interviews with President, it was a good interview we did it tuesday so I had a week left exactly and he said remember the Savior how he endured to the end and then said it was finished on the cross. It was a really good analogy. So I tried to do that. Then on saturday we celebrated my birthday with pizza from Hna Thompson and she post stick noted our whole apartment in the night with good things about me. It was really nice. And a great confidence booster. We had stake conference on sunday and it was really nice, our mission president spoke and then a counselor in the temple presidency about the temple. I really want to go at least once a week when I get back. And then on Sunday night, my uruguayan grandparents made me cake and pizza and we celebrated my birthday on sunday, it was so kind of them. And that week we were obedient and did our 140 contacts. Good way to finish the last week. On monday, I had a great day as well. We found 2 new people to teach and so I got to teach the first lesson one last time, I was happy about that. And then we did our 20 contacts monday and one more and so I feel like I ended my last week and day really good. We had also a great retention lesson with Sebastion who was baptized about 2 months ago and we helped him resolve some doubts he had with the help of some members. I was really excited. I loved Paso de Los Toros, it´s great area. And I love Hna Thompson, what a great friend. I´m really excited to see you all next week. I love you all mucho!!! I can´t believe my mission is over. It really flew. I really loved this time here. Heavenly Father really blessed me, because I thought I wouldn´t live to see the end in the beginning, but here I am, and I love my mission, it has changed my life. Nos vemos in a week. LOVE YA!!!
con amor, Tiffani

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