Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time is flying...

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,
Como andan? Mucho gracias for the emails Dad (a few times), Mom, Stefi, Joseph, and Kim. I just can´t believe this is my last pday and my last email home! It´s nuts!!! I appreciate very much all of you for writing me. 18 months is a very long time. And you all are the best family ever. I love you! Answer to your question, Dad, no he didn´t give them out and he didn´t say a word about them. Oh..I also recommend Mom and Dad to bring a jacket, it´s getting chilly. I also decided about where we´re going and when I wrote some people from my other areas, on thursday we can go to minas, on friday progreso, and on saturday paso de los toros, and sunday La paz. On saturday my uruguayan grandparents said they´d feed us. So nice, and I told my comp we´d take her and her comp to get ice cream. So that´s really a fixed day, because I´m here. But it will be fun. The mission packet said I can´t see you all till after the family home evening with the mission president at 9 on maybe you can go to the temple, or see something, or sleep, probably the best option. But I´m super excited to see you all.

I feel like there´s a lot of pressure as this is my last email, (might write home next week) but I honestly don´t know what to say. This past week was good. We did a lot of contacting and a lot of finding. This week will be better in that department. My comp is great. We have a lot of fun together. We found this really great lady last week and her two kids and they were really excited to listen to us. So hopefully, we´ll help them progress this week. Pamela the lady that got baptized was confirmed and she was really excited and the bishop introduced her to the ward and told everyone about her to help her have support. It was great. Then we have a fun family home evening with the family fernandez that we baptized a while a go and I played the guitar and we sang hymns and at uruguayan sausages (not so yummy) But fun altogther. We´re really building good relationships with the members and planning family home evenings and charlas with them. So hopefully, they´ll start to give us references. Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and I decided to give my last testimony in uruguay, kind of crazy. And then in zone meeting today they asked me and another elder going home to give some counsel, I was like well, I don´t know, I don´t think they care to much, we´re the only hermanas and they kind of ignore us, but I read Jacob 6:12. Figured that summed up what we should do :). Then we decided to celebrate my last pday and we went out to eat in a uruguayan restaurant. ahh memories. :). I´m plugging away at the book of mormon in spanish, I´m excited to finish is right as I´m done. I also, talked to my old friend hna yeates last night and we we´re just talking about how we can´t believe it´s the end. I told her I didn´t think in the begginnning that I would live to see the end. :) It was fun. It´s been great having such a good friend to grow up with in the mission. I´m glad we live in the same state and I´ll see her again. Well, I just have to say I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY FOR THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER SAINTS!!! It´s such a great privilage. I know this Church is soooo true. And that Heavenly Father loves me soo much and answers prayers. I also know Jesus Christ paid for our sins and our pains and he understands everything. He´s a true friend. I know God restored the church through Joseph Smith and he translated the great book of mormon. All the answers are inside. I know we have a living prophet today, President Monson, and I know God continues to guide us and help us. I love this work so much. I want to be a good member missionary and do this forever. Thanks so much for the love and support. I love you all so much!!! Nos vemos en un rato!!! LES QUIERO!!!!

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