Monday, January 4, 2010

Feliz Dia de Reyes!!!

Hey family,
Thanks so much for the emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, Stefi, Kim, and Los Crums. MUCHAS GRACIAS!! Dia de reyeys is day of the wisemen a holiday in south america on the 6th of january. Also, thanks for the photos Dad and Nikki. Wow,´re so thin. They are really cute photos. I really like number 8, 7, 13, and 4. They are cute. And Dad, great job on the invitation! It is still very strange seeing you with a guy but it´s slowly sinking in. I sent some photos not as lovely as nikki´s but they are of our service project, the president likes to make fun of me because I can´t understand as well as some and the fact that supposedly I cannot work hard because my dad is not in construction and farming, unlike hna farnsworth. I just shake my head and grit my teeth and told him just because my dad doesn´t do construction or farming doesn´t mean I wasnt taught to work. He is really getting on my nerves...he really likes riling me up and he´s really pushing it. Sorry side note, there is also photos of the baptism we had on january first of Pamela. She was so excited. And her non member grandparents came. Missionaries plan baptisms different way, but I like to do it how mine was where I got to pick the program and have my picture on he program. So I do that with the converts. And she chose hna farnsworth and me to give a talk. It still scares me. But it was fine. It was such a great and pretty service and she was so excited. But the president then got on my case sunday telling me missionaries should not give the talks and should include members, and everything and why the baptisms weren´t going to be on the same day. I was just like...leave me alone and get off my case about EVERYTHING...So this week with Nancy´s baptism the little sister of Pamela (she did not want to get baptized until she saw her sister do it) we are still going to let her choose everything (I told president that to, because she is 9 and these things matter to a 9 year old and a 11 year old) They just like to drama and if there is not enough, they make more. I´m sorry this email is kind of complaining, I just need to vent a little. The family gonzalez didn´t accept a baptism date sadly the mom and daughter would if the dad would and his problem is tithing. He doesn´t like it. But he came to church the following sunday for a little bit of sacrament which was great. It is so sad, they are so great they even feed us every wednesday. They are basically members. President Da Silva is letting every missionary go to the temple in january. I am so excited, we are going the 20th I have not been to the temple since may. I miss it and am excited. New years was good the fireworks are awesome, my comp fell asleep but I was determined to stay up till midnight as it was my last one in Uruguay. Well, thanks for everything and the updates. I love you all mucho.
con amor, Tiffani

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