Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I´m leaving on a jet plane...not quite but I´m leaving Progreso

Hola mi famila,
Como andan? Well, first thanks so much for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, Stefi, and Kim. That is so INCREDIBLE that Payson is getting a temple. That´s so awesome. I´m excited.
I´m going way north to a place called Paso de Los Torros. Hna Yeates was there before and she loved it. But everyone told me it´s SUPER hot. So I´m thrilled. But I´m with a latina, Hna Benegas, who goes home this change, and who really doesn´t speak spanish that I know of. (But I´m super scared, I´ve not heard the best things) We´ll see.
This past week has been pretty busy. We had a baptism for Gladys. The woman that is blind. It was so beautful. I was so excited and she was also. We also went to temple. What an incredible place, I sure miss going regularly. We got to do a session with the DaSilvas. But in the morning we brought 2 investigadors to the temple and the branch went for the first time in at least a year. It really excited the branch. They now are focusing on the temple and trying to plan a trip every month. I´m so excited for them. The branch president has a lot of enthusiasm too, it´s great. It was him and his wife and his counseler and his wife´s first time at the montevideo temple and they did baptisms and so they just ate it up. We printed pictures to put on the bullten board to keep them excited and they love it. That´s how the work progresses when you focus on Temples and the Savior. One of the investigadors Blanca and older woman said she recieved her answer at the temple and felt such a peace. We watched Between Heaven and Earth in the church next door with them. But the next day she was jumping off her chair for excitement, however, yesterday she told us she can´t pay tithing and she won´t commit to anything she can´t do. So I was sooo sad. But the other hermanas will work with her. We shared our testimony with her about it and then invited her to pray about it which she said she would. So I hope for the best. She was going to be baptized this week, but there is always a chance. Yesterday, you´ll be so proud of me I didn´t cry like a baby the whole day, just a little bit. The branch was super nice they had a family home evening in the church just to say good bye to me. And like 20 people came. It was so nice. I´m going to miss a lot of great people here. One family of investigadors gave me a huge ugly hat as a goodbye present because I wear a straw hat to survive the heat and it´s ugly and so I always say this is my ugly hat. Well, this familyl loved that and so they gave me another ugly hat. It was funny. Another cool experience, I gave the blind woman Gladys my card and a letter and she had her daughter read to her after I left and then she went to the family home evening and told me that her when her daughter read my first name she goes "I´m going to name my baby, Tiffani". And so Gladys said now I´ll always remember you, and then she started crying. I was so touched. There are some really neat people there. The branch president said that they want to have a barbaque at the church when you guys come and get me and some other people are excited to meet you and feed you :). That´s the highlights of the week. Thanks for encouraging me and helping me. I´m really grateful for Hna Farnsworth, she´s helped me alot. I know I´m being blessed and that this is huge privelage to be here. Have a great week. I love you all mucho.
con amor, Tiffani

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Daniela said...

no puedo creerlo!!! va a Paso de los Toros!!! va a conocer a Yeila y Eduardo!! amo Paso.. y a hna Banegas!
Se que tendran un gran tiempo juntas.. Las extraño mucho.. este cambio fuera de la mision ha sido muy difil, pero he salido con las misioneras aca y amo seguir compartiendo mi testimonio.
Los mejores recuerdos estan en mi corazon.. it`s so awesome read all your emails and remember those days..
Te quiero muuuuuuuuuuucho!!! Exito!!!