Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 21 Nicks!!!

Hey family,
Happy birthday Nikki!!! Thanks for the emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Kim. Dad, I was just kidding Dad last week because your email was so short and I like them long, this week was pretty short as well. What´s up?
Well, I´m glad all is going well with the wedding plans. Sorry you´re going crazy mom. :) Sorry about your crazy interview nicks, my mission interview was pretty crazy intense as well. And there are no boys involved there...
Well, as a heads up next week is changes, so pday will be tuesday. I´m pretty ready to leave, I hope so. Sad, my first area that I´m not going to freak out when I leave. haha. Anyways, this past week was fine. We had interviews with president. Nothing to exciting, but it was fine. I´m excited to go to the temple wednesday. We turned it into a an opportunity for the branch to go, they haven´t gone in at least a year. And so it will be great, we´re also bringing investigadors so they can see the outside of the temple, and I called the bishop down in montevideo to see if we could use the church next door to watch a movie about the temples and then have someone in his ward talk to our investigadors about the importance of temples. I hope it turns out well. We also introduced a famliy that we`re teaching to tacos, so saturday we made tacos with the seasoning you sent me and my comp and I made tortillas. It was really good, and they really enjoyed it. I gave them a bunch of taco bell packets they liked to put on their tacos. They don´t eat spicy food here so it´s really new to them. It was fun. We´re also teaching this really neat lady Gladys, right now that is practically blind but she has really neat and is going to get baptized this saturday. We really want to take her to the temple grounds, but she might have to go to the doctor with her daughter. She listens to the book of mormon every day on cd. She´s pretty amazing and has just great faith.
No more drug deals happened in sacrament and it turned out really good. The branch president is getting really behind this temple trip and wants to do more and so he had talks about the temples to excite the people and explain a little about them. And friday we watched moutain of the lord for an activity in the branch and ate fruit salad. About 10 people including Gladys who can´t see but wanted to be apart of it and another investigador Blanca that is amzing also and she loved the movie. so they came but they are really excited. Our president hasn´t been to the temple since he got sealed to his wife in the buenos aires temple. He´s never been into the montevideo temple. So that´ll be great for him and his wife.
Things are still super hot. I´d send you all a photo if I could of all the bug bites (mosquitos) on me and have you guess how many bites I have. But that´s a little awkard so just imagine I counted 55 bites JUST on my legs last tuesday or wednesday. Kind of crazy and itchy.
Thanks for everything!!! I love you all mucho. Talk to you Tuesday.
con amor, Tiffani

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