Monday, March 15, 2010

Helaman 3:35

Hola mi famlia y mi amigos,
Muchas muchas gracias for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Kim. I´m so jealous dad, those pictures are gorgeous, ENJOY! I also am so happy for my little stud brother. Good luck! And enjoy the warm Phoenix everyone. Tell grandma happy birthday for me. It is getting colder here, it´s starting fall. It´s really nice, I´m really enjoying that part. I can´t believe how the time is flying. Time is so warped on the mission some days are really long and then you look back and I can´t believe how much time has passed. My companion is great. Her family lives in Salem and her little step sister goes to Salem Hills High. She wants to work hard and wants to be obedient it´s a breath of fresh air, last change we had some disagreements on obedience. It´s really great, and she´s a friend. Today we´re in montevideo because she has immigration stuff, so I got to see my old pal Hna Yeates. She´s just a wonderful friend. Hna Farnsworth is with her now, so ít´s funny we´re both here at the same time with comps that were comps in the CCM. This past week has been a little crazy, our baptisms fell through they hid from us on the day of the interview, I was really sad. First time that happenend to me. We also had a talent show the same night so the peope had something to do at the church and me and my comp sang and I played the guitar. It was fun. Then on sunday I had to give a talk, I was nervous as always, but Heavenly Father helped me, it was how the gospel is a guide for our lives and they asked me use preach my gospel. I love that book. I talked about the Family Vidarte and there change and how the gospel guided them to baptism. It was good. I hear the family vidarte is still struggling but I´m excited to see them. We also had two miracle investigadors in the church we just invited them in a street contact and they came because our ward mission leader picked them up. It was a miracle. I hope they progress, I know I´m here 6 weeks longer to have more sucess. Oh quick note my toe is practically perfect, a little infected but good still. My email is still a little crazy so just send the emails to my old account, this account and my comps account until I let you know what´s up. So I put this scripture as my subject because we read this week in comp study and then when I talked to Hna Yeates about the end this scripture really hit me because it talks about the purification of souls and heart because of much fasting and prayer and yielding your heart to God. In the first of my mission Hna Ashby talked about how a mission is a fast from the world and I´ve come to see that through this fast and this refiner´s fire of a mission, I´ve learned so much and how this has been an incredible sanctification for me, I feel like Heavenly Father has helped become more like he wants me to be, I still have a long way to go but it´s been amazing. You should all read this scripture. This is kind of fast explanation but it really touched me this week this scripture. I sure love being a missionary. Thanks for your love and your emails and your PATIENCE!! I LOVE YOU!!!
con amor, Tiffani

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Daniela said...

I wonder when Hermana Mohrman it´s going to be here!!??
I was her comp. I´m living in UT now, so I really want to be there when she come!!
Hermana Vera