Monday, February 16, 2009


Hola mi familia y amigos,
Well, just to let you know in advance we didn´t print emails first and so I´m not going to comment a lot on them because I haven´t read them but thank you Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Kim. I´m glad Joseph is doing well in basketball. And Nikki is okay and the car can be fixed. I´m so happy you can breathe and eat better dad that is so amazing. And I´m always glad to hear you love the mtc and it is going well mom, nikki should defintely volunteer. I really liked the mtc. I hope stefi is well also, i assume she is...Anyways, this last week we had that fiesta at the crums which was pretty neat. We had over 60 people come and most were nonmembers which was the goal. It was awesome. It was an american party and therefore we helped hna crum all monday cook and prepare for the party. We showed two dvds finding faith and the restoration. It was quite the thing, and people really liked the american food. Pres. Ashby´s daughter came recently from the states and brought back squeeze cheese like you sent me and we used that and a lot of people really liked that. Yummy stuff, and we had hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, veggies and dip, cookies and cakes, peanut buter and jelly sandwiches, and koolaid courtesy of you all. Thanks. They loved Koolaid. It was a long day but a success and elder crum playd the harmonica and they sang a duet ith hna crum and it was really neat I spent most of the time restocking food and helping ebcause it is still really hard to communiacate with people. Hna Crum was a cateror so it was quite the set up we had going. Well, this week I had to give a talk in district meeting, my district leader must really like to hear me or knows how much I don´t like to give them, two talks in 3 days. Anyways, I survived. The crums went to montevideo to watch the mission office for 4 days, so I missed them. But it was a blessing because the day before my shoe broke my 100 dollar shoe and they took them to find a place to fix them so hopefully it will be good. Um, we also had 12 people in church this week and that was awesome and our investigador will be able to be baptized saturday. Oh I also have interviews wednesday in maldanado so that will be interesting. I´ll get my packages. I hope it goes good. We have changes next week and my comp thinks she will be changed so I might have a new companion next week and remember that conference next week so I don´t know if I will be able to email next week at all and if I do it will be wednesday, so you don´t worry or anything and still write just in case. I hope I can. Well, it´s gotten really hot again and humid but I wear a lot of sunscreen and a goofy looking hat to protect me. I have the funniest tan lines. We´ve found 27 new people this week so it´s been really successful and we´ll get cookies again. Well thanks for the emails again. I love you. Tell kim happy birthday.
con amor, Tiffani

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