Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update from the Goose...

Tiffani did not have a regular p-day this week because of transfers and a conference. She did however indicate that her companion, Hermana Ditmar was transferred and her new companion is from Boise, Idaho and her name is Sariah Wilson. We look forward to learning more.

So instead of getting a regular email from Tiffani, we received on from the Senior Missionaries in her town that she speaks about...the Crums. Here is there email from Monday the 22nd:

Hello to the familia Morhman,
First let me identify myself, I am Hermana Rosie Crum, my husband and I are a senior coouple serving in Uruguay. We have been in Minas since the 1st day of January. We came to Minas in december to get to know the area and look for a house, Hermana Mohrman and Hermana Dittmar had located a house for us, and we liked it and we had lunch with the girls and went back to our area, 1 and 1/2 hours away. We moved the 31st of December and have loved the oppportunity to get to know Hermanita Tiffani.
We have watched her grow, both in spanish and in confidence of her abilities. We truly love her and appreciate her cute sense of humor.
We live only a few blocks from the apartment of the sisters, and most nights when they finish their work they stop by, for a recap of the day and sometimes for something good to eat. (american). Often we study spanish with them in the morning, we didn't speak spanish before we came here either, and we have enjoyed Tiffani as she has shared the first vision, in spanish with us and shared her testimony in spanish also.
She is bright, talented, and fun. Missions are hard but she is adjusting, (so are we, and we only have 4 months left.) we just wanted to share with you both that we love your daughter and that she is doing well. One day it will click and she will understand what the people are saying, and then oh boy look out, she will be a fire ball. She has had great training in the workings of the mission, and will be a great trainer for someone else, later on.
I know you are proud of her and so are we and we feel like we know you a little, because she shares her love for you with us. Last night she said she loved Uruguay and the people here, and always she shares her love of the Savior.
Thanks for sharing your darling daughterr with us.
Los Crums from Mesa Arizona

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