Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2nd Area...La I come.

Hola mi famlia y mi amigos,
Thanks for the emails Mom, Dad, and Nikki. So much has happened this past week and a half. It´s been a whirl wind. Well, so I got change calls monday night and yes I´m changing and I´m going to La Paz it´s right outside of Montevideo. My zone or state is canelonis or something like that so you can look it up on google earth. I´m so nervous and really sad, but I know it´s where Heavenly Father wants me. My new companion is Hna Vera from Chilie, yep a latina. Very nervous. She was companions with Hna Wilson and trained Hna Yeates. Hna Yeates is taking my place in Minas, lucky lucky girl. But I couldn´t ask for anyone better to take care of Mahana. hehe. And I left her the christmas tree. haha. I told her to have christmas in July too. Last night I asked Elder Crum to give me a blessing, it helped. Of course I balled like a baby as I said goodbye to people all day. They were so neat, I was so grateful for the oppotunity to teach them. As we finishing english class last night, Alejandra my second baptism and her daughter ran in and wanted to give me a scarf it happened to be made by a member Blanca (she is amazing the one in a wheel chair I had talked about earlier) who was there but she wanted to give me something and Blanca told me after she had wanted to make me a scarf but didn´t have the money so she said the Lord answered her prayers and she was able to give me something, it was so neat and so touching. I cried..go figure. A gift from three people I love here. So neat. I gave photos of the sacred grove with my testimony the people I am closest with. So if you could send me more Dad I would so appreciate it. They love it. Alejandra saw it and I explained what it was and you took the picture and she showed her daughter and was like it is real, Joseph Smith really had his vision. So neat. On Sunday Hna Crum made me a goodbye dinner, I have said my favorite meal is chicken enchaladas and she has always said yeah right we´re in Uruguay but she had been thinking of how to make it and she did and it was sooo sooo kind. We had tostadas and spanish rice. Boy I sure miss hot food. Oh well, I took the hot sauce with me. Anyways, I ended with a bang. It was awesome last friday we had the wedding of Laura and Andreis and I got to be a witness because I had my id with me. It was cool I signed some papers and then I take a photo with the couple. I accidently put a smiley face at the end of my signature because I forgot it was official. whoops. After they took a photo of the wedding party and we were in the minas newspaper, but when we went to get one it was closed. It was sad. But it was so exciting to see them they were so happy and then we had the baptism at 7pm it was incredible we had 40 people come which is unreal and then we had a marriage fiesta after and it was so cool. I took lots of pictures. When she was in her baptism dress I could totally picture her in a her temple dress in a year. It was incredible. It´s been so neat in Minas. I´ll sure miss it. But it will be good. I love you soooo much!!!! Thanks for all the help and advice, it helps a lot and brings a lot of comfort. I´ll let you know when I get the packages. THANKS!!!! LOVE YOU talk to you monday.
con amor, Tiffani

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