Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day (couldn't think of a better subject)

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,
Thanks for the emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, Kim y Joseph y Alyssa (Could you tell her to send emails through you dad or mom or nikki I´m only allowed to recieve emails from family, please thanks, sorry for the bother?) Nikki I want pictures of your hair, sounds great. I´m really sad about Sister Rasmussen but she´s with her husband and much happier on the other side. Joseph great job on your talk. That was nice of Hna Johanson she was great friends with Hna Dittmar, she went home this last change and gave me some sweaters which was really nice of her. I can´t believe Joseph can be elder in 6 months that´s insane, has he gotten his eagle yet? As for coming down here and picking me up, I am excited but sorry it´s still seems like a really long time away. About asking for the release date, I will try to call the offices, I really don´t want to bother President Ashby, if you know what I mean. Well, this week has been really interesting. A lot a lot of changes. La Paz is a whole another World. It´s definitly the city, some of the hermanas call it the Bronx area of hermanas areas because we´re really limited to around our house. Don´t worry, I´m not, I think they exxagerate. Anyways we live really close to our church which is really nice. It´s also been really hot here, wierd it was freezing in Minas, but so it´s like summer here. Wierd. And the Bishop really wants to help the missionary work, which is great also. My companion Hna Vera Speaks english and she wants to study english at byu when she´s done. So we read the book of mormon together every morning her in english and me in spanish and I try to speak english in the apartment and spanish in the streets to help us both out. But I am learning a lot. She´s really nice and laid back which is great and she Works hard. She´s going to teach me how to make empanadas today, so that´ll be fun. I bore my testimony for the Ward to introduce me and they seemed like they were really used to missionaries changing, so hopefully I can learn to love them like Minas. It feels like I just came out on my misión again. It´s really hard. I have a cold, an ingrown toe nail, and bed Bugs. So it´s been really fun. But I´m going to peform surgery on my toe today and we´re going to find bed bug killer stuff. It´s kind of bummer. I guess, there´s always something to keep you Humble. Oh well, great stories. Heavenly Father will help me. We have really great news we invited this woman, Gladys to come to three hours of church and they found three weeks ago and the she came last week to one hour but she came to all three hours and she wants to get baptized so we have a baptism date for the 20 of June. We´ll probably baptize another girl in the next few weeks to. So this is really exciting. And another woman we taught hasn´t wanted to come to church but we invited her and we took members and they invited here I told her it was my first time to here and she came for an hour. It was cool. Oh and I ordered uruguayan leather scriptures covers for my spanish scriptures with the Pictures of the Montevideo temple and buenos aires temple and Jesus knocking on the door, and the misión logo. I´m so excited when I get them I´ll take Pictures and send them. I can´t believe how hard it is to change areas. Thanks for the words of encouragement and love, and help. I know I´m in your prayers and you all are in mine. I love you very very much and miss you all alot. Thanks again. Have a wonderful week!!!!
Con amor, Tiffani

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