Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,
Muchas gracias for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Joseph. I sure love reading them. Well, first I want to say sorry Nicks, you are a faithful writer. And I absolutely loved the shirts you and mom sent me and I´m not just saying that. really. Congrats Joseph on your awesome baseball season and good luck at state. Spanish is still rough. Oh, you can call me at 8 in the night my time so I think 5 your time.There is this really cool website that helps calls other countries www.countrycodes.com. If you can´t get a hold of me I´ll call at 8:15. Anyways, this week has been really good. It´s been getting chilly, the Crums were so nice and brought me a comforter from the mission home, they spoil me. It´s the exact same comforter I have a home, so that was really wierd. Anyways, not important. All is well with our baptism Laura and it´s actually the 15th of May because of an activity at the church so she´s going to get married at 2 pm and then get baptized at like 7. It´s cutting it close, but she´s excited. And the great thing is we´ve started teaching her parents and her brother wants to get baptized but he´s nine so we´re probably going to wait fore her parents. YEAH!!!!! It´s been discouraging at times. Oh and an investigador Veronica, we had thought dropped because she didn´t want to live the law of chastity sent us a text and said she wants us to visit and she keeps reading the book of mormon. It´s going to take some time, but I think she´ll be baptized, she´s really sweet. Also, this past week we had an awesome ward activity. Hna Crum and us made them tacos and spanish rice and refried beans. All from scratch, so I gave her my taco seasoning packets. But I brought my taco bell sauce to the party and the kids wanted to try it and they about died. It was hillarious. They do not eat hot food here at all or anything with flavor. But it was a blast, and all the women worked together and rolled tortilla shells and help prepare some of it and we made so much food, it was so awesome. They loved it and we had 5 investigadors come and they loved it too. This month is an activity month because this friday we´re having a missionary fireside the patriarch and we´re presenting a ward mission plan to get them excited about the work and help us. The members are everything. Today I am emailing from montevideo because we´re having the hermanas conference today and tomorrow. I´m really excited. We´re going to the temple at 1:30. I haven´t received the names of great grandma in the mail, so I´ll check right before we go but I don´t know. I´ll do them sometime while I´m here. Hna Crum left to prepare for the conference sunday and has called in the nights to let us know that it´s going to be a blast. I´ll tell you about it on sunday. I´am sooooo excited to talk to you all. Well, we had an interesting relief society yesterday we´ve been trying to get a woman Gabriella to close her store for one hour and come to church and she did. It was great. But in relief society they didn´t prepare a lesson and so they talked about stake conference last week and basically ripped it apart. They we´re just acting like a bunch of gossipy old women. My comp tried to jump in and comment and read that the gospel is perfect not the people. And they kept going. Fortunately Gabriella had a sense of humor and just kind of smirked and smiled the whole time. But we talked to her the next day and she wants to come back. We explained that church reallĂ˝ isn´t like that and usually we have lessons. She also, could be baptized with time. Well, I gotta go. I´m so excited to talk to you. I love you all soooo much!!! Have a great week. Oh happy early birthday stefi! And Happy mother´s Day! You´re the best mom in the world.
con amor, TIffani

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