Tuesday, July 28, 2009

¡¡¡¡Happy Christmas in July!!!! (7/20)

Hola mi familia,
¿Como estan todos? Aren{t I so creative in my subjects...haha. Anyways, thank you soooo sooo much for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Stefi you guys have made my week literally.
We'll get to that later. I hope you have a great time in Vegas, lucky family. Enjoy and lots of luck!! But this past week was our first zone conference with our new President. It was really good. He wants everything to stay the same as with President Ashby and so it was the same format with a different President. It was really good. Except I was really really sick. Yep, I am still sick, but I am getting better. Anyways, I did my first missionary acting at the zone conference they always call missionaries to practice and show examples and so we were called on this past wednesday to show how to resolve doubts when some rejects a baptism invitation. And then all the missionaries critique. It was so scary. I was really sick, so my comp did most of the talking. Anyways, we are the only hermanas in our zone conference and so we are automatically targets for everything,zone and district meetings also. It is probably a good thing. I talked to Hermana DaSilva a lot, she is really sweet woman and told me to go to bed for at least 2 days and call the church doctor in Argentina. He said I have a virus, the flu and I need lots of rest and water. Everyone is sick here. And so this past week I have obeyed and have been in
bed since wednesday. I have been bored and sick out of my mind. It is amazing when you don{t work you think of home and I haven{t been homesick like this since the beginning. I guess the best medicine for homesickness is missionary work. I have listened to a lot of talks and read some, but I have had a really super bad headache for most of the days and I couldn't read. I even missed church, it was sad. It was my first day of rest on the day of rest in my mission. The ward has been really good and some hermanas have took turn babysitting me while my comp worked. But we don't have investigadors so my comp babysat me most of the time. I felt bad because she wants to go work. But I guess Heavenly Father knew that I would be sick for a week, so it is good that we haven't had investigadors.
She has been great and has really helped me. I have seen a lot service and love this past week from her and from the Hermanas, when they came they cleaned some of our house and even washed some of my clothes. Really really nice. Our family, the family Vidarte they came visited us after church it was so neat and really brightened my day. They are amazing, the son passed the sacrament yesterday. Always blessings. Oh and I haven't seen the crazy man. haha. Thanks for the ideas for the party, Dad. I hope it will be a success. And for the information about the swine flu. The uruguayans are some of the most panicked people I have ever met. Thanks. I think I will live. I get to be a missionary tonight and I am pretty excited, we are having a family home evening with the family vidarte!! Sorry, I don't have much else to write. But I love you all much and thanks for the prayers, love, and letters, and support. Have a fantastic week!! Love you and miss you all much.
con amor, Tiffani

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