Monday, July 6, 2009

Pop Quiz

Hola mi familia,
¿Como estan? Muchas gracias for the emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, Joseph, Kim, and Naomi! I am glad all is well and you had a great 4th of July. I was really thinking how grateful I am to be from the United States on saturday and many freedoms and blessings I have. So I am sending a picture of me all bundled up, everyone guess how many pieces of clothes am I wearing. The answer is at the bottom. haha.

Also, photos of our baptisms last week.

Well, this week has been pretty normal as far as the life of a missionary, good and hard. The highlight I would have to say was the mission conference. It was great to see all the missionaries together and my old districts and companions. Also, President Da Silva is a really neat and humble man. I could tell they were really nervous. But it was really neat he had questions and answers and one of the questions was what is your vision for the mission and he wants us all to recognize the spirit and he really emphasized the spirit in his talk. It was really neat and like a breath of fresh air. Because he talked about how it´s not just about baptisms its about inviting people to Christ through the 5 steps faith, repentance, baptism, the spirit, and endure to the end. He joined the church when he was 21 a week before he married his wife who was a member all her life. He has been an area authority the past 7 years and has 3 kids. He says he can carry a conversation in english, so that is good. All of his kids have served missions and the youngest is in the other Uruguay mission. His daughter teaches at the MTC, so Mom maybe you´ll see her. His wife is really nice to, she didn´t talk a lot, she was so nervous but she was like if you get sick I want you first to pray and then get a blessing and put your confidence in Heavenly Father that he will help you. They both really emphasized prayer and following the spirit. He said a few times this is just my 3rd day as a missionary, so I am new also, he was really humble. I´m excited, I think it will be really good.
We had kind of scarey experience this week to as we were walking home from "our family" vidarte this man started walking with us and yelling at us how much he hates the united states and we should go home, even though my comp is from chilie, but he followed us and we went to an old investigador and talked to him while he kept walking and yelling and then we walked to our apt. another way and when we were about a block from our apt. he was walking toward us. He was CRAZY!! He walked right to us, I don´t know what possesed us to keep walking straight but we did and he walked right at me and my comp said what are you doing, and then he cut and walked around us, but I could see the pure pure hatred he had. So we ran another way to a member to hide, because he was looking back to see where we lived and so we waited for a half an hour and then the memeber called some priesthood to walk us home. It was so scarey, this is the second time we´ve seen him and he yelled at us and the first time we thought it was funny, but it was the first time he followed us and was aggresive. Oh my goodness, I´ve never been so scared in my life. But we told some members and now priesthood are helping us in the nights. And we have pepper spray too and the members have seen him before and said he is just crazy. I know Heavenly Father is protecting and helping us. But anyways, that is the exciting news of this week. It´s raining cats and dogs again, but it´s not bitter cold so that´s good. I love you all much, thanks for the emails and everything. Oh I have on 23 pieces of clothes including my boots. yep it´s chilly. haha. Have a great week!!!!!
con amor, Tiffani

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