Monday, July 13, 2009

Hola from La Paz

Hola mi familia,
Muchas gracias for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, Kim, and STEFI!!! I really enjoyed them. Good luck Joseph with basketball and have fun in Vegas everyone else. I am glad you all are having a good summer. Dad, I will look for a cd player here and the music rule has not changed we are still stuck with motab. Thank you, enjoy chicago and you should eat a chicago hot dog. I am glad you get to go to MTC again Mom, I can tell you are happier when you go. I am glad your talk went well nikki and good luck on your even Kim. Well, another chilly week has passed. And I have been sick with the flu, I really am allergic to the cold I think. The mission president{s wife told me to call the area missionary doctor and he said I just needed to rest and take some medicine. They were worried because of this swine flu. What{s up with this flu, what is it, they even have announcements in church to stay home if your sick. And everyone is so scared, so I am just wondering, they don{t tell us anything. So wednesday I stayed in bed all day. I have to say it{s a bummer to be sick without a mommmy and a television. haha. But I got some reading done. So that was good. I got a blessing to and that always works. I am feeling a little better but I am going to sleep after I write this email. We received some great news this week, that our mission president gave us an extra hour to study spanish after lunch, I am sooo excited. I think that will really help. My comp and I have been talking and I really want to learn to teach and I have not had the opportunity to learn because my comps have always liked to talk. And so we are using companion study to practice lessons and teach with unity and it has been really good, she is trying to help me more and I really appreciate that. We have been really struggling to find people to teach we have like 2 investigadors and it has been really hard and we have been sad and so I read Alma 26 and shared it with her and it is an amazing chapter and gave us more hope and confidence that we will find people as we continue to pray, work, and obey. Also, this week we ran into "the creepy-anti american-freaky sounding-obviously mental stalker dude" as Stefi puts it again. He was waiting for us by the church but we were walking in the light and people were around, so he just yelled the usual things at us threats on our lives, how much he hates the USA and the mormons and all that. So we called the mission president and he said we can use that study hour in the night and so we come to our apt. one hour early to study and the ward is so helpful and supportive and we have had priesthood holders with us every night and they walk us home and so it is really great. And we have lessons with the members which is much better. Always a silver lining. I took your suggestion dad to have a "Christmas in July" and we are going to do it as a ward activity. We are really excited. We planned some of it in a missionary meeting we had yesterday. But if you guys have ideas, activities, suggestions, that would be great. We are having it the 24th of the July so like Christmas Eve. We hope it will turn out good, the ward does not have activities ever and they need to be more friendly and united so we are hoping this will help and they become more friendly with the new members also. Oh, our family, the family Vidarte that was baptized two weeks ago, the dad and son recieved the priesthood yesterday and that was so exciting. They are going to do baptisms in the temple saturday and Grasiella who was baptized about a month ago is going to, they are all so great. We feel like proud parents. haha. Or what we think proud parents feel like. haha. This week we are having zone conference, our first with our new president so that will be interesting. I will let you know how it goes. Well, thanks for everything. I love you all mucho and miss you a lot. Have a happy week.
con amor, Tiffani

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