Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am Healthy Again! YEAH!!! July 27th

Hola mi familia,
¿Como estan? Thank you very much for the emails Mom, Dad, Stefi, and Kim. I am really glad overall Las Vegas was good. Well, the great news is I am HEALTHY!! Finally... I started to go out and work this week, which was a lot better. Except the weather, it was absolutely crazy this past week. I have never been in wind and rain so strong. It was like 40-50 miles per hour. My umbrella broke. It reminded me of when we watched that hurricane on TV and the news reporter was knocked down by the wind in the bushes. haha. So it´s been an adventure that´s for sure. The people thought we were absolutely nuts walking out in it. Their reactions were funny. Anyways, we also had Christmas in July this past week, and it was a success. We had about 40 people come and we had them decorate a envelope like a present and then we put it in a box for a game and then sang christmas songs and read the christmas story and ate and then after we played a game "Do you love your neighbor" and we put the gifts under the chair, and the ward loved it, it was fun because all the adults played also. And then they opened their presents and we put pictures of christ from our brochures with a quote that you guys gave me from that christmas quote book and we translated it. Except, I made it and put a scripture reference in english. So my companion explained a gringa made it. It was funny. But I think they enjoyed it. The theme was to share our best gift the Savior with everyone so we asked them to put names of people they knew in a box decorated so we could visit. It turned out well. I really enjoy planning activities. When we set for the party thursday night after english class we were the only ones in the church and it is scarey to be in the church at night especially with our previous experience and so we had to carry tables upstairs to the gym because it has 2 floors so we used the elevator and loaded the elavtor with tables and I refused to ride up because I didn´t want to get stuck in the elevator and so we pressed the button and then sprinted through the church upstairs to meet the elevator, it was soooo funny. We did that like 5 times. We got our excercises and then when we cleaned up we did the same thing. It was a fun couple of days. The family Vidarte brought their nephew to church he´s like 20 and they have really caught the spirit of missionary work and they want to share with all their family, and so the nephew Manual read the brochure and the lesson in gospel principles was the restoration and he turned to the vidartes and said "that is like in the brochure I read" and he paid really close attention. It was amazing, we are going to start teaching him. We are also going to have a family home evening with them all tonight. They are such a great family! I love them a lot. Sister Vidarte calls us her angels. I was listening to a talk during my sickness last week by Elder Holland and he talked about how right before something really good happens something really bad happens like the first vision. But he said many times and this happens more how bad things happen right after really great things. Because Satan wants the person to forget the miracles and blessings that they had seen like with Moses and his vision and how Satan came after or when Peter saw Jesus walking on water and then he started to do it and then when the storms came he forgot his faith. He applied that to us when we have miracles and blessings in our lives many times trials will follow because Satan wants us to forget and forget our testimonies. This talk really hit me hard and I realized that´s what has been happening. We had a miracle with the Family Vidarte and then after the crazy man, my sickness, no investigadors, etc. I know it´s because Satan wants us to forget the miracles and blessings. It was a really big answer to prayer and really has helped me this week. I am really grateful for the all the experiences I have had and know I will continue to see miracles. I love you all soo sooo much. Thanks for everything, always. Have a happy warm week!!!
con amor, Tiffani

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