Monday, September 14, 2009

Another change almost gone...

Hola mi familia,
I am glad all is well with you all. Things are good, warm finally. Muchas gracias for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Kim. So heads up next week is changes so pday will be wednesday, and i have this sinking feeling that I might be leaving La Paz. I really love this area, well mostly the people, but I will be really sad to go. I hope I have one more change here with Hna Yeates. I´ve had 2 changes with all my comps and so I don´t want to break tradition. haha. This past week has been good. We found 9 new people and some of them are really great. We´re excited to continue to teach them. My family Vidarte has callings now. They are like fully integrated in the ward. It´s awesome!! I feel like a proud parent. haha. The gospel is amazing. This week the ward is having a talent show and guess what me and hermana yeates are doing a duet on the guitar. It´s the same song I did with Hna Wilson, ("I hope they call me on a mission," It´s like the only one I have memorized) But this lady in our ward is really sweet and she played us some uruguayan folk songs and we recorded them and then she had me play that song and then she said I could borrow her guitar till the talent show. So at nights when I have a few minutes we practice or I just practice hymns. It´s really fun. I really miss the guitar. I made a resolve to practice that and get a lot better when I get back. But I´m glad I have had a few chances to use what I know. Our investigador luis came to church again which was great, but he booked it home after to smoke. He never goes longer than a hour to smoke. It´s really sad. But we have a lot of charlas with him to try to help and motivate him, but after church we went and he told us he smoked and that he has faith and knows he can quit. It´s getting pretty frustrating because he´s not exercising any self control. I don´t know what an addiction like that is like, but I know many have quit and it´s very possible. The day after he got a priesthood blessing he smoked more than he had the whole week. He´s just waiting for Heavenly Father to stop smoking for him. But that is not how it works. But we´ll keep praying and working with him. The members here are great they are helping us a lot with our investigadors. We had two really good noche de hogars this past week also. One in English with this family Schvint, they are so great. She showed us some mission photos and we ate pizza and played uno and we taught in English another funny experience. We also had a noche de hogar with this less active family we found last week. It turned out nice, the kids aren´t members and they love having us visit and the parents want us to bring a ward member so they can know ward members. They are really ready to come back. He´s looking for work right now, and we can tell they are struggling and are looking for hope and help. We´re having another NDH with them saturday. They are really great also. On Sunday one of the women came up to me and said I´m like a spoiled child and I don´t know what we´re going to do when you leave, because I give them some ranch packets. It was pretty funny. She said you need to send us ranch for the rest of our lives. haha. Oh this week President Bowen is going to speak to us, and I´m excited, he´s a good man. Well, I´m barely surviving (this running stuff is rough haha). I love you all mucho. Thanks so much for everything. I love all your emails. Have a great week and a half.
con amor, Tiffani

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Mike J said...

Our son leaves in a month for the same mission. How long does it take for a package to get there and does it really make a difference if you put pics of Christ on them? Thanks!