Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy 11 months !!!

Hola mi famila y amigos,
¿Como estan? Muchas gracias for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, Joseph, Kim, and the Crums. I am glad things are well with you all. I´m glad you had a good bday Joseph, did you get keep your present from Kim? haha. This week has been good and rainy. Every 31 of August there is a storm called santa rosa and it´s still going strong, so it´s been kind of a bummer. But it´s warming up which is good and bad. This past week we had interviews and it was good, I really like the DaSilvas. They are great people. He gave me some advice to try and find other ways of finding people and use baptisms to find references. The great thing is on Sunday this guy Luis (his wife is a less active that we visit) came to church. The first visit we went to with Hna Yeates he sat down and listened to the lessons. He had listened before but couldn´t stop smoking. Now he has a lung disease and wants to change. And so we have been teaching him the past 2 weeks and this week he came with his girls. He really wants to be baptized, but he smokes like 25 cigarettes a day so we´re working with him to stop. If he keeps going maybe his wife will come back and his daugter will also want to be baptized. It´s really great. So we have some investigadors now and it´s really a big blessing. We´re also teaching 2 twelve year old girls and one came to church and the other Alison is amazing, but she has a rough home life so she didn´t go, but I think she´ll come next week. It´s really great. But the interview with president Dasilva was really good, really short, but good. My comp started to kill me last week, and asked me to go running every morning. She´s scared of getting fat, especially with all the chocolate you all sent me. I HATE RUNNING!!!! We only do it for like 20 minutes, but the after the second day, I could barely walk during the day. She just laughed at me. And the next day she gave me a break because I couldn´t move at all. Every morning I have been praying for rain because I won´t run in the rain and every morning it starts to rain around 8. I guess she has more faith in her prayers. But, I love my comp and so we´ll run until we change. Well, tonight we´re going to have 2 family home evenings, which I´m pretty excited about. The first one will be in English with the family that the wife served in california and her husband is trying to learn english, so that will be interesting and fun. And then our regular family home evening with the vidartes. Another fun one. So I bought another backpack today, yep my 5th one, I don´t know why I have such rotten luck with my backpacks. Thanks again for the packages, I really really really love them. We made the cookie dough you sent last night while we wrote our letter to the president and practically ate the whole thing. Little piggies. We have to deal with the stress some how haha. Things are good, sorry I don´t have a lot to say this week, but things are good. I love my time to study every day, I learn so much. I love the gospel and know with all my heart it´s true. Have a fantastic week. I love you all mucho. Talk to you later.
con amor, Tiffani
ps. I really liked the kitkats you sent me, if you have any extras lying around the house to send...I´m so excited about the cookies.

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