Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy 1 year to me...Happy 1 year to me!!!

Hola mi familia y amigos,
I can´t believe it I´m hitting a year in the mission on Thursday. At first I didn´t think I would survive a year. haha. Muchas gracias for the emails Dad, Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Kim. I really really appreciate it. Have a good trip dad! I´m glad Mom and Joseph you´re safe with the car and good luck Joseph with basketball. I´m glad life is GREAT for ya Nicks. We´re going to watch the relief society conference on Saturday before the general sessions, but thanks for the recap Kim. Oh...Stefi thanks for the photo last week, I laughed really hard. Well, I´m really excited for conference. The ward here , well actually it´s a branch is good. They asked me to present myself and give my testimony and then right before sacrament started they asked me to give a talk also, I was like ummmm...It wasn´t that long but whatever, I still need to develop that talent. :) Progreso is HUGE!!! We take buses everywhere because it´s like a bunch of little tiny towns hooked together. It´s in the country and it´s really reallly pretty. Some parts are like I´m walking into the movie of Anne of Green Gables. I forgot to mention the conference with Elder Bowen 2 weeks ago. It was amazing. He shook all our hands and he told me what a great name I had and then turned me around and told everyone my name and laughed. It was funny. He talked a lot about the book of mormon and how that was the keystone, which I knew but it was amazing how he just used the book of mormon and had practiced teaching sessions and his testimony was really powerful. Then us hermanas ate lunch with him and his wife our mission president and he told us, you hermanas are the best, you always have the greatest success. It was really nice. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn´t get the cookies, probably won´t for a couple of weeks till zone conference unfortunately, I´ll dip them in milk. :) This area is really really busy we are running from charla to charla. We´re having a baptism in 2 weeks. I haven´t been this busy since my first 2 changes. Last night, Hna Rogers and me made crepes on a camp stove, they were really good. Our apt. doesn´t have a stove or oven, I´ve been spoiled in my last two areas to have a stove and oven. But it was an interesting experience. The people here are really nice and a lot more willing to listen than in la paz, but I still really miss la paz. Yesterday my comp had a tarantula climbing on her leg, it was really funny and scarey, but she killed it. I hope we don´t have a spider problem here as it warms up. Oh my credit card works, thank goodness, I used it some last week. But thanks for sending me another. I´ll let you know when I get it. Well, I think that is all. I love you all mucho mucho and miss you all a ton. Thanks for the prayers I know they work. Have a great week. I LOVE YOU!!!!
con amor, Tiffani
p.s Here is a photo of us and our crepes.

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