Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hola mi familia y amigos,
¿Como estan? Muchas gracias for all the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Kim. I am so happy life is going well and I heard you all are enjoying snow. How pretty. It´s getting pretty warm here. We have had like all the seasons in like a week. But it is getting warmer. Congratulations Jose Vaughn in recieiving the Melchezidik priesthood next week how amazing. And congrats on recieving your eagle as well next week. Sounds like a action packed weekend. I am so happy for you.
Well, this past week has been crazy busy, but really good. We had a baptism saturday. I was so excited. Her name is Virginia and we have experienced some drama because this but everything worked out. The ward has been doing service on her house and we got to help last saturday as well which was fun. It was hard work, the branch president wants to work us hard, which is great. We had a lesson on the ten commandments last week and she asked us what happens to people that know the commandments and break them. Well that is a broad question but we covered repentance and talking with the leaders if it is serious and how everyone will pay for their sins and I was kind of worried after because she seemed really bothered with it, but we went on. Then on Friday night our ward mission leader told us that one of the newer members of the ward was trying to solicit certain favors for the service on the house. And I was blown away and like oh no she is going to be offended. Plus, that is quite a lot of drama for a little branch like here. But she had her baptism interview and it went very well and she was so excited and then on Saturday we had the baptism, 45 minutes late with a lot of stess, but she came and it was a beautiful service. I love seeing these great people make these big changes because they love the Lord and they know it is true. And yesterday we had a great lesson with this family Gustavo, Yohana, and Betina and we watched mountain of the Lord. Because they do not want to commit to make these big changes in their life. But they have been coming to the activities and general conference and one time at church. It was so great. But we focused on temples. And they were impressed with the sacrifice of the pioneers for the temples and the dedication and at the end of the lesson Gustavo prayed that he could have an eternal family. They are so great. I hope and pray they get baptized. My companion Hna Farnsworth is so amazing. I didn´t do anything my first change but she already loves the people and loves to share her testimony and teaches what she can. And she just wants to get better. And she is just a good friend. Which is so nice. It is a lot of responsibility and stressful, but she is patient with me and wants to do all she can. I´m really grateful for her. Oh I don´t know if I mentioned this but for those who are not immediate family and want to email you can use this address and just put my name in the subject line. I hope you have a great week. I love you all mucho!!!! Talk to you later.
con amor, Tiffani

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