Monday, February 8, 2010

It´s raining, it´s pouring, no time for snoring in Paso

Hola familia,
¿Como andan? Thanks so much for the emails Dad, Mom, Kim, Nikki, Stefi, and Joseph. Oh, I got the a package and an envelope, THANKS THANKS THANKS!!! It had my medicine and candy and the package had lots of great chocolate (that didn´t melt) and the stuff I need to doctor my self up. I did sugery on my toe last night for a deep ingrown toenail, kind of gruesome and oh the pain, it´s amazing the things you do on the mission. But it feels better.I know you all wanted to know that haha. But also, thanks so much kim the for the lotions and spray and scrub. I loved it. I´m glad the wedding planning is going well. Good luck with everything this week. I´m sure it will be good. Thanks for the pictures dad and for bringing that doll, Nikki you looked very pretty. Thanks Joseph for dedicating the game to me, I hope you win, even though payson was my school. :) And mom, No te preocupes, todo estará bien. Stefi, thanks, smile and be happy!!!! Nicks, I´m glad you enjoyed the temple, I love the temple. I thought it was very different as well, the intitarories got me, and the endowment was better. But it´ll get better, it´s good you didn´t go to salt lake first. I was blown away and really confused. But I loved the peace inside. Kind of crazy how it worked. But I really miss the temple right now, so go lots.
So I´ve attached a bunch of pictures, finally it works. Some are from Progreso and some from Paso, the scenery ones are from Paso, this is my view from our balcony it´s pretty sweet. And very pretty. We´re by the river. and our churchhouse It´s called rio negro because the at times it looks black because of some elements at the bottom, it´s pretty cool. Also, this past week the family ferdandez that I told you about was baptized after some close calls like oposition from the husband at first, and the baptism questions but in the end it all worked out, they were so excited. I was really happy for them. The mom Blanca and three of her kids Sebastian 18, Jacklyn 16 and fabiana 10, and Sebastian can go on a mission in a year, that would be awesome. They were excited. This is a really good ward. They really fellowship people really good and support and help us a lot. We´ll have to do a lot of finding these next weeks because we don´t have any investigadors but it´s a lot more fun knocking doors when you´re new to an area so that´s good. We´ve had a ton and I mean a ton of rain. I´ve never seen it rain so much or so hard in my life. We´ll probably have to start building an ark. It´s rained for 44 days straight in brasil and we´ve gotten some of that, fortuanately I wasn´t here for January. CRAZY. But that´s about it. Oh some photos are of the temple and of the trip we took as a branch in progreso. They were so excited, it was neat. So pretty. Anyways, have a good week. I love you all. Good luck!
con amor, Tiffani

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