Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hola from the Hermana gimp in Uruguay :)

Hola mi famlia y mi amigos,
Como andan? Thanks so much for the emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Joseph!!! What´s up Stefi??? Congrats on a good basketball season jose vaughn. I´m glad life is well for you all and you are all happy and busy! Next week is changes, so pday will be tuesday as a heads up and I´ll have my last companion. I hope I finish here in Paso de los Toros. Well, this week has been very interesting, very interesting. We had a baptism Saturday of Paola, she´s 14. it was so great, she was so excited. It was a fight in the beginning to get her to listen and commit, but she watched the Testaments after the baptism of her family and it just changed her outlook and touched her heart and then she started listening and finally saturday was baptized. It was monumental for her and for other recent converts Miria who was baptized last week and Sebastian who was baptized 3 weeks ago, because we asked them to say the prayers and so it was there first prayers in public. It´s so neat to the progression. But I´ve included some pictures of the baptisms. The other big news this week is that I was operated toe. You all know it´s been hurting and infected and the doctors wouldn´t do anything about it because I´m a out of towner. And so finally some doctor said come on tuesday because you need to see a surgeon. And so we went on tuesday hoping someone would help us because they just like the red tape. But there was a member, her name was ana there for a check up and she ended up helping us and talking to the nurses to get me a appointment with the surgeon. She´s was a answer to prayers. And so the surgeon saw me and said well we need to operate. And he said we´ll do it today. But he didn´t get my records or anything no one did which was a miracle because if they did I would have to pay a bunch. But they didn´t and he just said follow me and so we went to wait for the surgery upstairs, (this hospital looks like it´s from the early 1900s and from england, it´s crazy) But then we waited in line to be operated on for 3 hours. They do things very different, but then they called me into the room and the doctor looks like he´s ready to heart surgery with a nurse and we´re in a room about he size of a bathroom and sitting on a little bench side by side. Then he said put your leg up in my lap and so I turned a little bit and I had to support my leg with my arms while he gave me a PAINFUL shot and started digging in and then put stitches in. Oh it hurt. All while my leg was in his lap, it was so strange. And I was supporting my self. Talk about an interesting experience. They were really nice though and we talked about the church while they were operating. I couldn´t watch there was a a lot of blood. But then they bandaged me up and gave me pain killers but not a antibiotic. So I called Hna Da silva and she made call the mission doctor and say what happened and he told me that I could go to work that same day. I was like ummm it really hurts. And hna da silva was like no you need to rest one day at least. And the elders gave me a blessing. But then my toe got really swollen and infected because I didn´t have antibiotic and it felt like a knife was in my toe and so we went back to the doctor thursday and he gave me pills. It´s been painful. So this past week I´ve been in my bed with my toe in the air trying to get rid of the infection. It feels better and is getting better, fortunately but I haven´t done much. The president sent a corto plazo which is a member to work with hna bangas saturday until I feel better. Tomorrow they are getting rid of the stiches. I don´t know when I go back to work, I hope soon, I´m so bored. But the corto plazo Lucy Rojos is really nice and is preparing ot go on a mission. But there is this really nice couple has been taking care of me and watching me while my comp´s been working. It´s been really nice. Here´s some lovely photos of my experience this past week :) I know you´re all grateful for this. Heavenly Father always sends me grandparents when it get rough :). And I know he´s always looking out after me. And this was a big blessing to get it taken care of now. The members have been so nice and great. But that´s what happened this week. Talk to you next tuesday. I love you all mucho!!! Have a great week!!!
con amor, Tiffani

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