Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hola mi familia y amigos,
Thanks for the emails from Mom, Dad, 2 from Nikki, and from Kim. THANKS!!! I haven´t had time to print and read and then write and so I think that I´ll just print them and skim them quickly and then if you have questions or need something let me know in the beginning of the letters. And then I´ll comment next week on the stuff. Congrats on the calling mom! That is so awesome you went to Germany Dad, I am glad you got stocked up. I also wrote a letter to Sister Yeates but pouch is dumb and they forget us in Minas so that it takes forever, I won´t send mail through them because it will take months. but can you let her know I love her and miss her through her mom. This week the Crums said they would mail my letters that I wrote last week and the ones this week. I am sorry they are long I had a lot of time in the hospital and I some from this week. Anyways, thanks for the encouragement, prayers, and everything. Well, I want to say my feet are normal again they don´t swell so that´s good. Thanks again for the packages I loved them and I love sharing the candy with the kids in our charlas. And the extra things, I didn´t realize how much I miss from the states. The grocery stores here are so different. But Sister Crum is giving me ideas of cheap and easy foods I can make and I am so happy with my ranch seasonings. Thanks for the vitamins they are helping with my charlie horses and I don´t have them as much. So I had my first baptism, and it was sooooo neat. Her name was Juana and she is a lamanite and she was so excited, it was last minute because she didn´t go to church on sunday till the closing prayer, but our leader interviewed her and said she needed to be baptized and I was so excited because I wanted to baptize her but because of the rules I thought we had to wait. She is so ready and she has such a hard life she is 54 and looks like she is 74 and she works for all her family because they are lazy and a lot of them belong to a devil worshiping church. She has no running water or electricity, it is so hard. But she has an incredible spirit. Elder Crum baptized her. We were worried because we waited 2 hours for her to come to the interview and because she works so hard it takes her an hour and 1-2 to walk a 30 min. walk. Hard life. But she came and she was so excited and happy to be baptized. So neat. I ended up playing the piano on their broken organ, Sister Crum taught me how to play it better. But I know Heavenly Father is helping with that because I haven´t played in so long. Then we went to the elders baptism after right after ours and after the Crums took us out to eat at a hamburger pizza places, they had good food. They are neat. It is almost like having the Cooks nearby. Please tell them hello Sister Crum cooks us late night dinner sometimes, it is awesome. When it rained they came and saved us so we could get umbrellas. The Crums are so neat, we drove with them on Sunday to the branch in Soleis, the elders want us to support them and President Ashby said that we could go once a month and it was so tiny. But it was neat a woman was baptized and received the Holy Ghost and she was neat and introduced me specifically to her nonmember son. A lot of people think I am so pretty down here and that is definitely a first, a little flattery never hurt right...but people here are so nice and loving. They also have a really neat thing here. There is a drum group that have like 25 drums, bongo drums and flag shows and they put on shows and I was able to see some and it was neat they dance and play and march up and down the roads. But yeah we´ve had some neat things this week. Next week pday will be on monday again, so yeah. Oh I made crepes while we waited for phone calls about changes, we´re staying together at least another 6 weeks, and the crepes were good, the oil is weird here but they were super good and thin and I flipped them and everything. I´ll send pics when I can but I am not promising anything I wish I could. That was nice of president to write. I know I have a lot of blessings here. I hope all is well with you all and I hope you’re all happy and healthy. Thanks again for the letters, love, and prayers. I LOVE YOU ALL MUCHO!!!
con amor, Tiffani

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