Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5th, 2009

Well, I am sorry you didn´t recieve my emails last week. I hope you can read it. Yeah, it has been an interesting a couple of weeks. Last week we hiked to a cross on a mountain overlooking the beach pretty view wasn´t thrilled it was a cross but it was a beautiful area and beautfiul view. I wrote about in the last email. Anyways, this week we helped the Crums move into there house this week and had an interesting lesson while we were helping htem move in. We had to wait for a contract to be signed so us and two sets of elders and the Crums sat in the house next door the mother of the renter and we gave her a lesson. 8 missionaires pretty funny. They are neat people and spoil us. We traveled to intereviews friday in maldonanda two hours away with them and got so lost it was so fun and had a brief interview with the president then on the way back we stopped at a american grocery store and I found a bottle of nutella in a place and I asked the crums to buy and I would pay them back 10 usa dollars. Expensive but I was excited. Then we got lost on the way back headed toward montevideo for a while and it was so fun. Then on Saturday my companion is sick so we went to the hospital in Montevideo and took a two hour bus ride and then she was there for 20 minutes and they told her there was nothing that could be done till monday so we rode back 2 hours. Wasted trip, but I am glad I can sleep anywhere, plus I could catch up a little. We were moving the crums in wednesday till midnight and then the fireworks went off it was crazy. That is where I am today in montevideo and that is why I am doing email so early we took a 5 45 bus and fortunately I slept. So nice. Anyways I will be here all day, and actually I don´t know how long, I hope we can come back tonight. I don´t want to spend the night at the hospital. Remember, in my setting apart blessing by President W. I was told that I would teach indians in the mountains. Well I guess I am in one of the few places with mountains and not utah mts but mountains for here and right now we´re are trying to baptize a indian or lamanite woman and we might actually be teaching two other indian women not exactly sure. But I thought that was cool that that promise is coming to pass. On sunday the Crums made us lunch and she is a good cook and we had american meal meatloaf, carrots, potatoes, and ranch, and watermelon. YEAH. Oh when we cleaned the house before they moved in this week they set up a grill and grillled us burgers. It was awesome and good. They don´t do that here in Uruguay. Very interesting week.
Con Amor, Tiffani
p.s. So I want to say I have the best parents in the whole world. I received three packages from you all and a letter from nikki at interviews. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I loved all the candy, cookies, nutella, ranch, A1, and all the things I asked for like hand sanitizer and vitamins. Sorry this is so rushed I don´t have to time to print read and then think. Thanks so much for all the things you sent I received the salem hills tshirt and I loved it. LOVE YA ALL.
pps. pday next week is on wednesday instead of monday because of changes so I will email then. Happy birthday mom and nikki love ya all.

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