Monday, January 26, 2009


Hola mi familia y amigos,
Well, thank you emails from dad,mom, nikki, joseph, and kim. MUCHAS GRACIAS!! I also want to thank you for the envelope I received it last tuesday so I had to wait till day but the mms survived and they look awesome, that is so cool. thanks for the medicine also and candy and bookmarks and pictures. Joseph looks like a stud...I am excited about the quote books they are neat, we have tri zone conference friday and maybe hna yeates will be there and i´ll give her the other book because I don´t think it would be as appreciated here. THANKS!!!! So yeah i have my first official zone conference friday so I hope it is better and good. The crums might drive us i hope so. So I am glad Stefi is okay, that is sad about mahana what a good car. I am glad your program is going well for you nikki. Thanks mom for talking about me I´m sure it was great, and I´m glad your class went well. I hope you are enjoying Denver Dad, i am glad the review went well and everything worked out and I´m glad you still got to teach a tiny bit of sunday school last week i am sorry you miss it. Could you also say thanks to dawn, mary carter, marc carter, ansons, bells, kerry, and alyssa, grandma mohrman for letters and cards I received. Thanks. Mail takes forever its hard to find time to write letters. So this week has been a little interesting. our fridge went out and we didn´t know how to fix it and my comp made us work anyways and so i was praying all day that our food didn´t go bad, food is expensive here. and we came back it worked. we still bought a new plug today but it was a huge miracle. Then a few days later we had water all over our kitchen and Elder crum came and saved the day and our pipes were backed up and so he cleaned them out and got it working but his clothes are dirty but it was sooooo nice of him. And it works. Another huge blessing. The crums are so neat, we had sunday lunch with them yesterday and she is helping me know things I can cook down here that are easy and simple and she is an amazing cook. It´s awesome, i think the elders are jealous. Well, we had a relief society social and this lady brought escargot and told everyone how to make it. I couldn´t understand and glad I didn´t because I sure enjoyed wathcing everyone´s faces. They were so grossed out. It was hilarious. We had some really neat lessons this week. We visit this really neat girl who is year older than me and in a wheel chair full of tumors Blanca and her mother and they are such amazing testimonies and it´s so neat to just feel the spirit there. They are so poor they don´t have electricity and her mom got baptized less than a year a go so that´s why we visit but her husband never let her be baptized and then he died, so she did. They are just amazing women. BLanca also always supports us in english class. everyone loves the candy, i give out there and to almost all the charlas. We´ve gone through 3-4s of it. I always carry it and give it out and I let my comp eat when she wants and she ends up giving out to, copy cat. Oh and the crums have quite the sugar teeth and so it´s gone down pretty fast but I still have a bunch and i´ll get my packages friday so I am excited. Well it´s been a pretty calm pday jsut running errands all day, so I´ll try and write letters today and i will send them via pouch so we´ll see how long it takes. I LOVE YOU. I´m sorry not that very interesting, but thanks for all the news. I Hope you have a great week. THanks again sooo much for everything.
con amor,

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