Monday, January 19, 2009

Hola from a very hot and humid Minas

Hola Mi familia and amigos,
Thanks for the emails Dad, Mom, and Nikki!!!!! Well, like the subject says it is super hot here. I think summer is coming full blast we´ve had a very mild june and beginning july as you would call it. Yesterday, we had a mission fast for rain uruguay is in a drought and we sure got it all night and yesterday morning. It was amazing how fast that fast worked. And a needed relief, but today it is roasting, saturday was 104...I know I talk about the weather a lot, the uruguayans talk about it all the time and it controls their lives, if it rains they won´t leave there houses or if it is too hot they won´t either, so it´s bad on sundays because of church. Today we went shopping down town in there super market they are sure different then american ones, they have a lot of pasta and a canned foods, bread and really basic stuff I sure miss walmart, but they have a lot of veggie stands that we get our veggies from that I eat the ranch with. Today the crums took us to the water park or factory, Minas is known for alfahors or cookies and water. So we saw that and it was neat they had a little park with plants from all over the world in the mountains and they had a spring you could drink water from coming out of a big statue of a cougar. Because a cougar is there symbol and then we saw through a window them bottoling water. It was a pretty area up more in the mountains and there is a resort up there. Then we went to a huge huge huge statue of general artigus some old general here on a horse and it was so neat it was on top of a mountain and huge. I got lots of pictures, whenever I can send them. Minas is a pretty area. ANyways it was a fun day with the Crums and we bought some alfahors we didn´t know where they made them or we would visit that factory too they are two cookies with carmel in the middle with a coating of sugar, or chocolate or something, not a big fan but everyone loves them here. The crums are spoiling us they feed us good food sometimes late at night and they had us over for ice cream and cantelope. They are neat, I feel blessed to be by them. Anyways, this week was officially the end of my change and I counted the total number of lessons I taught and it was 395. A lot huh, I mean sometimes it was just a prayer and a few words and I guess that is counted, but according to my comp it is so yeah. 395, a bunch. We also found 24 new people this week which means we schedule another appt. with them and the Ashby´s give cookies when you get 24 new people in a week. I hope we can find them again. Sometimes it is easy to let them fall through the cracks when they miss an appt or if you find a lot. I hope we can have 24 seconds or thirds even though that isn´t a number kept track of on the mission.
Well, to comment on your emails. Stamps would be nice to have but I don´t know about time pouch takes a really long time but it sounds like the other takes a long time to. So I can try both or whatever is easier. Thanks for the packages we have zone conference in 2 weeks so I hope I get them then. I loved the chocolate chip cookies in the last one, they were gone in about 1 week. hehehe. saved me money on granola bars. haha. That is fun about Naomi. You should of been hard, my teachers always were. :) Looks like for mom and nikkis birthday you get to give talks what a nice present. hehehehe. I haven´t have to give a tlak yet yeah. I am sorry it is so cold, I hear I will have my share in june and july, and august. I bet denver will be freezing. I am sorry to get a rise out of the comments about my looks, I didn´t think anything of it. haha. I love you all so much, thanks for telling me about everything, stories, things happening, spiritual thoughts. I love hearing from you. It makes me soooo happy and I am glad you are all well and enjoying everything. I am glad you had great birthdays. I am looking forward to getting that quote book, it sounds really neat. Anyways, I´ll comment more in the letter this week, even though I don´t know when you´ll get it...I LOVE YOU MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! I miss you much.
con amor, Tiffani

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