Monday, March 2, 2009

Five months have already gone by...

Hola mi familia and amigos,
Thanks for the emails mom and dad...they are so comforting. so i got a envelope today and it was great with mms and medicine. thank you and I got the envelope the with ranch seasonings and candy. THANK YOU!!!!! i loved it all. i also got letters from tylie johnson and darrel thomas will you thank them for me please. i don´t have lots of time to write on pdays, it´s a day of rest but we´re going and going it seems.
Well, this past week and half a lot has happened we had a mission conference and it was great, the spirit was incredible Elder Jensen and Elder Zivic are amazing. There were two hundred missionaries in a room and it was awesome. I got to shake both there hands. I also got to see my old companions hna yeates and hna orme it was so exciting and they are so encouraging. I said goodbye to my trainer and have a really nice companion hna wilson. And the great thing is I haven´t got too lost. I have a lot of divine help. The Crums are really helpful and kind. We ate Sunday lunch with them...another american roast and potatoes. They are so awesome and encouraging. On Sunday evening, the Crums invited us to a charla and they invited the family to be baptized. It was amazing. It was a man and his wife and they were so excited. It was neat. We have found so many new people these past few days and hopefully we can see them progress it´s neat. Well, on Saturday we were walking to lunch and then these two girls asked us if we could carry these big bags to help them to their house and it was far but we did and then we were able to come back and teach them and there whole family. It was awesome.
Today we have had a good pday...we cooked some frozen pizzas and doctored them with some of the stuff you gave me. We have a gas oven and so we have to use a newspaper to light it and that is scary and it was my first time and all I can say it was a good thing my comp had water near by. It was so scary and funny at the same time, but we have the hang of it.
Sorry this is short...thanks for the emails again dad and mom they really help me a lot. you asked if i wanted something for winter my comp says a sleeping bag liner is really good for the winter, so will you look into that. and as for bday...i really like clothes. haha. I love you all. thanks again.
con amor Tiffani

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