Monday, March 23, 2009

Hola and happy belated st. patricks day

Hola mi familia y mi amigos…
Happy belated St. Patty’s Day! I hope you all found your pot o’ gold. :) I found mine…well two...two great packages. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I LOVE IT. I finally got my raspberry gingerale, they were full of yummy food items, I had to rip them open real fast and then run over and do email, so I’ll explore more later. THANKS SO MUCH. I LOVE IT.
I’m glad to hear your week has gone well. Thanks for the emails Dad, Mom, and Kim. I loved them. I read them like 5 or 6 times. :)
Well, another week has gone by. Boy, this change has flown. I know I still have 2 weeks but still. Anyways, I have to say Hna Wilson is an amazing companion and I am so grateful for her. This week she got sick with a sinus infection and had to miss a few days of work, she still went out for little bit. The Crums took care of her like they did me. On the second day I called a member (with her help) and I went to charlas with her for like 2 hours. I got so good studying in this week because of it though, but it was soooo scarey. Because I really just bear my testimony, normally. And so I had to teach a first lesson in like 5 minutes because the woman was really busy, but I asked the member to bear her testimony and so she started bearing her testimony about baptisms for the dead, resurrection and the word of wisdom. And then she kept telling the lady that I didn’t understand anything. And I was thinking you know I don’t understand much, but I sure understand all your saying and I had no idea what to do. So I just bore my testimony at the end and said we’ll be back to explain more because she needed to go. It was actually pretty funny, because that poor woman had no idea what the member was talking about and was just nodding her head. We have a return appt. this week, we’ll see how it goes. But it was nice of her to help. I was able to practice sharing scriptures and teaching basic principles. I know I had some divine help, because I didn’t understand a lot.
Also, this week we got the bikes fixed and so we are using bikes. We really fly and it’s so nice, except it’s really hard to make street contacts and my backside is extrodinarily sore. Hopefully, I’ll get use to it. But it so fun to ride a bike I felt like a little kid again.
On Sunday the Crums had a baptism after church, because the father works every other day. It was a family a father, mother, and daughter. It was exciting. It was really different because at twelve a clock right after sacrament we had the baptism so Hna Crum made a pizza for the kids to munch on and then we had the program. I played the piano. And you’re not going to believe this but I sang a duet with a solo part for the baptism for like 50 people. It was terrifying. And my companion has a gorgeous voice but she insisted a duet. So we sang I like to look for rainbows in Spanish of course and I sang the first verse. CRAZY I know. Poor people’s ears :) Anyways, so yeah. And we had some really neat investigators 3 women, come to the baptism and they don’t have a problem with the law of chastity, unlike pretty much the rest of our investigators. It is so hard to get married and almost everyone has a problem with it here. Anyways, exciting.
Sunday night I got a phone from the offices saying I needed to go down to Montevideo today by nine fifteen in the morning to sign an immigration paper. So we woke up bright and early and went. But they said they would bring our packages to us. YEAH!!!! And so I went to immigration with some missionairies from the Montevideo west mission some hermanas I knew in the MTC and it was so cool to see them again. It was fun the visit. And then we came back and The Crums made us good old American or Mexican American taco salad. It was fabulous. They are so neat and spoil us rotten. 
Well, I have to be off, but thanks sooo much for everything. I love you and miss you. You’re always in my prayers. Have a great week. When you send the next package no need to make an extra one just whenever could you send chunky peanut butter and knee high nylons, we have to start wearing them again and I tear them a lot. THANKS. I LOVE YOU!!! Happy week.

Con amor, Tiffani

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