Monday, March 16, 2009


Hola mi familia y amigos,
Well, first thanks mom, dad, nikki, and kim for the emails. Truly appreciate them.
This week has gone by fast. Super fast...It´s been getting cooler which is a huge blessing it feels like fall in March. The seasons are still really wierd. This week we went to a anniversery party for our ward mission leader and it´s similar to a reception down here they have a devotional on marriage and lots of good food. It was interesting to see. And it was nice to interact with the branch more. It really is a good branch down here. The members are neat. We also had quite a few storms this week. It was crazy one storm came out of no where and huge dark clouds came over the hills and engulfed the sky so quickly we ran into a store to get an umbrella and called our investigador to see if we could come early because she lived right there and fortunately she was there. Big blessing. The storms here are crazy and later I saw an incredible lightening storm. I´ve never seen anything like that. So I got to wear my rain gear a lot this week. Also, this past week we had zone conference, which was soooo neat. We got up at 4 am friday to take a bus down to Montevideo, about a two hour ride. Then we were instructed from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. The spirit was so strong as the President and his wife talked to us. It was a really great experience. At one part he talked about that story from Elder Uchtdor where the plane was 1 degree off and he told us that we were doing well, but that we needed to be 100 percenters and not 99 percenters. He talked a lot about the small things that make the difference. It was inspiring and I left with a resolve to want to do better. I also am understanding more which is a blessing. During lunch they gave us pizzas and then sang to all those who were going to have a birthday and they sang to me and gave me homemade chocolate chip cookies. It was fun. I don´t know the other misionaries well but they are really fun to talk to and get to know. Afterwards, we went to the distribution center and I got some dvds and we watched one today in the church for companion ship study with the Crums, On the Lord´s Errand the life of Thomas S. Monson. It was incredible. What an incredible man and prophet. On saturday our district went to Soleis a town 40 minutes away and helped the elders there do contacts and find people because they´re struggling a bit. It was interesting, kind of fun. Our bus broke down, and so I got a nap and another bus came and saved us. On sunday we had a miracle. We have been teaching this neat family for 2 weeks, the dad is a member but inactive and when we found them he wanted his wife to be baptized and she loves it. Well, they both came to church and we told them saturday we would go pick them up well walk to them and the amazing thing is they were ready to go and I could tell he was nervous but the ward welcomed them with open arms and they seemed to really enjoy it. I hope I can stay to see her baptized. We have found some neat people. There is a good chance I will be changed April 8th, I hope not but you never know. I really love Minas it´s beautiful and the people are so neat. Sunday night after planning we hung out with the crums again suprise suprise they had been gone for 4 days in montevideo and so they made us hot chocolate and we caught up a bit. They´re amazing. Time is sure flying this change...I really appreciate my companion a lot.
Thanks for the letters. I love them. I didn´t get any packages, I hope they haven´t gotten lost. Could you send me more medication please. As well as Ibprofun or advil or something, just for aches and pains, I´m getting old here. hehe. I´m excited for my packages on the way. That sleeping bag liner I talked about earlier is pretty neat and really small and my comp says it keeps the body 15 degrees warmer. My comp says she´s giving her folks your email and so you can see her emails and could you ask them what kind of sleeping bag liner they sent her. I´m a little nervous about this cold. But we´ll climb that mountain when it comes and I only have to do it once. YEAH! I LOVE YOU MUCHOS. I am glad all is well. Have a great week!

con amor, Tiffani

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Kim said...

Hooray, for great companions! I am glad things are going well for her.