Monday, March 30, 2009

6 months - CRAZY

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,
THANKS SO MUCH for the emails mom, dad, nikki, and kim. Well, wednesday is happy 6 months to me on my mission...I can´t believe how much time has gone by. I have a little suprise in the mail for you all, hopefully it will make it, I think you all will be happy. Well, I was able to get some envelopes in the mail. MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! I got my medicine, garments, chocolate, awesome DVD and picture book. Wow, that will be so awesome to use when teaching. Actually both of them. My comp is really enjoying all the treats you send. haha. Well, this week we have a missionary concert in the town next to us and the elders are putting it on and yes we have to sing. But also, we were thinking of showing this dvd you gave me. It would be awesome. It´s supposed to be pretty huge, the mission president and his family are coming and they are singing. So we´ll see how that goes. Oh also, p day is next wednesday and not monday because it is change day, I hope and pray I don´t change, but I´ll go where He wants me to go...So depending on that we´ll see about email, please still email. Anyways, tomorrow is interviews. You know me and interviews, job,work, school, church, they all make me nervous. Oh we found out who are new mission president is he´s a Latin from Argentina or Paraguay. So that will be another scarey change, but one I don´t have to worry about for a while. I´ll get pretty used to change I think by the end. Also, I am so excited for general conference. Today the Crums took me and Hna Wilson to that giant statue of General Artigus, the one they took me to before but Hna wilson hasn´t seen it. We also went to an Uruguayan cememtary it was really interesting. Lots of sculptures and they just put them in boxes over the ground. It´s like a little city. It was a nice pday. Yesterday, we decided to reenact the story of the good samaritan. We were far away on our bikes and my comp´s bike broke. We decided to knock on some houses and we were right next to a another church. We talked to one lady who was outside her house and she´s like no I can´t help you I´m from this other christian church and pointed to the one we were by, and we´re like we just want a wrench, but she was like no no. And so we went next door and this guy with kind of a tough exterior helped us and took like 45 minutes of his time to help us take off the tire clean out the bolts, etc. etc. It was so kind. Then we gave him a pamphlet and got his name and address and to find out he lived in the other area so we gave his name to the Crums. But he was so awesome. It was like a modern day good samaritan story. It was really cool. We also were really excited yesterday because a couple we´ve been working with came to church after he worked the graveyard shift for 12 hours. It was like their test and they still came and he´s a member of like 7 years and he wants to come back and she wants to be baptized, but they need to get married so we´re working on that. It´s a struggle to get married here. It´s really sad. We´re going to try to talk the judge here to see if we can work out a way to get married faster and easier. We´ll see how that goes. Well, it´s been a good and hard week. It´s pretty warm here. But I love you all. Thanks for everything so so much.
con amor, Tiffani

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