Monday, March 9, 2009

Whew...what a week!

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,
Well, first thanks so much dad for the two emails and mom for yours and nikki for yours. THANKS. I love them. Oh last week I think mom´s email was cut off. Congrats Joseph on baseball and your future speaking in church. What great things to do. Also, I never thought I´d hear nikki and football in the same sentence but it sounds like your having fun. haha.

We haven´t found Juana yet, I think she moved out to the country so she might not ever be found unfortunately but keep praying and thanks. I´m glad the mtc is great as always for you mom and I´m glad those kids in your sunday school class are good for you, they´re sure lucky to have you. Hello bougan...hehe. I love you all so much your words and prayers help so much. I´m excited for the treats on the way. Oh my comp has a blog her name is sariah wilson and so maybe you can find hers.

Well, this past week I got the chicken pox, yes that´s right the chicken pox. The ironic thing we were talking about wierd medical things earlier and then I woke up with them all over my stomach and I felt kind of blah. I thought of chicken pox because this family we visit frequently has had them and the dad has had a really bad herpes infection on his face. And so...I didn´t know for sure because I had had them before but I had hna crum check and she researched it and the second time it doesn´t come back as bad and it starts on your stomach. Fortuantely it just stayed on my stomach and back. And friday and saturday I was quarantined to my apartment. I felt bad because I didn´t feel that sick and we had to find a bunch of members to help. But my comp had some great charlas so that was a blessing, and I studied a lot. Apparently I was contagious until the sores start scabbing and by sunday I was able to go church, but hna crum said don´t kiss any kids or pregnant people to make sure. And the miracle is I haven´t been that sick, and I feel fine now. The crums were so nice and helpful and babysat me some of the time. hehe.
Today we went to an amazing place, Punte Del Este, the richest place in uruguay and on the coast. It was incredible. We played on the beach volley ball and soccer and then we walked on the beach and it was incredible. That area reminds me of florida. It was so fun. We then went to burger king and that was sooooo good. Good ole american food. It´s been really neat. Gorgeous, Gorgeous and march is the best time to go...hint hint. Anyways, It´s been quite a week. We might get bikes because our area is so big that could be interesting especially in skirts. Spanish is still pretty rough but my comp and I are trying to talk as much as we can. She´s so nice. I didn´t know you could have fun and work hard at the same time. She kind of reminds me of nikki. I ate my first really disgusting food this week cold rice and tuna and lumpy carmel pudding, but it was from such a poor kind family that my comp and I was praying that I could eat it and not be sick and I did. What a blessing. It´s been raining a lot this past week and that has been a cool relief.

I have zone conference this friday so I´ll let you know how that goes. THe president has asked us to prepare a 5 minute talk in spanish and he´ll call on some people. I hope it´s not me.

Well, I love you all so much. Thanks for everything. I´m sorry I haven´t written any letters my pdays have been booked. I love hearing about everything and it´s not boring at all as some of you have said. I truly treasure it all. I know the prayers are working. I LOVE YOU.

con amor, Tiffani

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