Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy End of April-Beginning of May!!!!!

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,
First, thanks so much for the emails Dad and Mom, thanks for always sending one everyweek. I love reading them. I´m glad all is well. Hna Yeates sent me a letter wanting me to say thanks you guys for supporting and helping her and sending her a letter or something. She seemed really appreciative. That´s really nice. I get to see her next week at Hnas Conference and I´m excited. We get to go to the temple (yeah), hopefully that envelope will have come so I have do those names you sent. Oh by the way our pday is next Tuesday not Monday because of the conference. So I´ll email then. Please send Sister Rassmussen my love also. She´s a strong and amazing person. Oh we had zone conference this past week and it was really good. I still don´t understand a lot but the spirit is always strong and I am understanding more and more. It´s exciting. President and Sister Ashby are such good people. They are very motivating and talk about what we really need to hear. Sister Ashby told we need to spring clean because she wants the apts good for the next president and so we ahve been scrubbing all day. It´s pretty exhausting, but our apt is so clean. It´s great. This week has been great we are having 4 baptisms on the 16th of may. And the one is Laura and we´re completing a family they are getting married on the 15th and she´s going to be baptized the 16th it´s so neat. We were witnesses this week to help her set a wedding date, it´s so complicated to get married you need 4 witnesses. Anyways, so that was so exciting. She´s so ready for the gospel and willing to live it and go to church and the great thing is we started teaching her parents yesterday. So we´ll see how that goes. The other 3 are cousins and their mothers are less actives but we´re working with them to come back and they are really reading and keeping commitments and enjoying learning about the gospel. If they come to church they can get baptized. YEAH! It´s been kind of a hard 2 weeks because we have had to drop a lot of people or they dropped us because they weren´t willing to live the commandments and it was so sad and so it was nice to see some of the fruit of our labor. We had stake conference and it was a 6 hour trip two hours there and so forth and anyways, it was good. It is so amazing to see the church is the same as it is in Payson, Utah or anywhere the set up and everything, whatever the language the spirit is the same and church is the same. It is the Church of Jesus Christ. It is true. I love you all very much, thanks for everything. I´ll make that wish list for the package next week thanks. I love Minas, I will sure miss it. I´ve had some great experiences here. But I´ll go where the Lord wants to me to go, with a good (little scared) attitude. Thanks again for the emails, they are like vitamins everyweek. I hope Stefi and Nikki have a great time together in your new apts. and I hope Joseph is tearing it up in baseball. Love you all. Talk to you Tuesday.
con amor, Tiffani

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