Monday, June 1, 2009

8 months...WOW

Hola mi familia y mi amigos,
Muchas gracias for the emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Aunt Charlene!! Oh and I recieved the envelope with the shirts and medicine THANK YOU THANK YOU I LOVE THEM!!!! You don´t have to send me ampicillin anymore the doctor said I could stop it now. I´m so so glad your surgery went well mom. How long will you be down? Congrats dad on the 20 pounds, I wish I could lose 20 pounds..haha. That´s hilarious you cut your own hair Nikki. It´s like those little kid stories. hahaha... Congrats on finsihing another school year Jose Vaughn. Anyways...Well the great news is I am all healthy right now, cold but healthy I called Hna Ashby and she told me medicine to get and my cold and cough is gone and I told her about my mattress and she had the elders bring me a brand new one that day. It was fantastic. So no more bed bugs. It all works out as you guys always tell me. It has been FREEEZING here I have been wearing on average 8 layers on bottom and 7 layers on top and a scarf, hat, and gloves. It´s pretty funny, but it´s oh so cold. We tract a lot more this area, because we don´t have as many lessons. It´s hard work. The people here are a lot more hard and not friendly and so we make a lot of people mad. Yesterday we found this big apt. building that you had to be buzzed in so we rang each button and took turns talking in the speaker phone it was so funny, because it was like that movie Errand of Angels when they tried to say as much as they could before they hung up on them, when people left the building they just glared at us and made sure the door was shut tight. Oh well, the great news is we have 2 baptism coming up for June 13 and they are great. Camilla is 9 and she comes to church by herself for 3 hours for the past 6 weeks and reads and prays amazing little girl and then Grasiella she´s a older woman and she comes to church for 3 hours also and she was found 2 weeks before I got here. It´s amazing. We also found this super friendly woman who gave us her number because she really really wanted to meet with us but was busy and we´re like this is really strange and so make an appt. and went and she made us hot chocolate and gave us cookies and we look at each other and we´re like we hope she´s not poisoning us, because she was over the top friendly and turns out she was an evanglist and just appreciates what we´re doing but she wants nothing to do with it and she invited us to her church, but we´re going to try to give her a book of mormon this week if she´ll see us. I asked Hna Vera if I could teach more and she´s so awesome and letting me do it, it´s difficult but I have to practice. I´m also teaching english class we have like 15 people come mostly kids so we play games and I bribe them with candy, it´s fun. Oh we had a zone meeting instead of a district meeting last week to motivate us to be really obedient and work really hard because President Ashby want to leave with a bang and so we´ll have zone conference like a 2 weeks before he leaves. Oh I forgot to tell you that when I was at the bus station to go to my new area I was talking to this Hermana who is 4 months behind me and she went the CCM in argentina and had our teacher Hno Melerio and I guess he brags about that we gave the best charla he´s ever heard in the CCM, the one that made him cry. But she goes, yeah I´ve heard of you and your companions by name from him. My companion and I had the goal to blow you guys out of the water. So that was funny. I didn´t even think he liked me that much. So that was fun to hear. Well, I´m glad the funeral for Sister Rasmussen went well, she was an incredible lady. I hope you feel better soon mom. Enjoy the warmth. Thanks for the emails, packages, and letters, and prayers. I love you all mucho mucho.
con amor, Tiffani
p.s. could you please send me the addresses for Aunt Charlene and Naomi?

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