Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad and America

Hola mi familia,
Well, Happy Birthday Dad!! You are getting up there. haha. I really enjoyed your talk. And Happy 4th of July everyone else! Are you going to have a yummy American barbaque? Thanks for the emails Mom, Dad, Nikki, and Kim. I truly love and appreciate them. We went to computer place to do emails and was shut down and I was panicked because I wanted to hear from you all. So we went to the grocery store, and prayed a bunch and it worked when we came back. Prayers work. Anyways, these past two days have been really good (and really cold) but our family was baptized. It was so beautiful. They were so so excited. After the baptism the dad Luis, gave me and Hna Vera a big hug and kiss on the cheek, which is totally not allowed but he suprised us and we were all so happy that ce la vi. It was really funny, because there is this really old crazy man in our ward that tried to kiss me on the cheek last week at stake conference and grabbed my head, but I put my hand in front of my face and told him to shake it. He was kind of offended but at the baptism he said he talked to the bishop and understands and he said he has repented of it because he went to the temple that day. I was trying really hard not laugh. Fortunately this guy did not see. But the baptisms were so great, I was realy ticked off at the ward, because only like 20 people came and all of them left except 5 while the family was getting dressed so no one heard them bear their beautfiul testimonies and no one except the bishop was there to welcome them in the different auxiliaries, because usually the relief society president and the young men presdient, etc, give a welcome. It was really sad. This ward is having a lot of trouble with retention especially the recent converts because they will not befriend people. It is difficult challenge. Our ward also has like 600 people and averages about 50 to 90 people everyweek, last week was 53. So we have a lot work. But if people just befriended and like called someone when they missed church or something I think they would have more people in church. Sorry to rant and rave. But the famlily Vidarte were again so excited on Sunday when they got the gift of the Holy Ghost. Wow!!! It is amazing because when we started teaching them which was like my 1st week here the house was really really dirty and the boys were crazy and always fighting, the parents smoked a lot. But as the time passed and as they went to church and read and prayed the house got cleaner and organized, they put a picture of the temple on the wall and the Savior and the boys calmed down and the parents didn{t yell at them as much, and they were excited to learn and listen. The outward and inward change was just amazing to watch these past 6 weeks. The gospel can change anyone. This friday we are having a mission conference with my new mission president. I am excited to see what he{s like. His wife doesn{t speak any english I sure hope I do not get sick, because that is who we talk to about that stuff. Anyways, it was been raining cats and dogs I have never seen rain like this in my life and plus it is cold, (I can see my breath in my apartment) we are pretty funny looking with all our rain gear. I am glad all is well with you all. That is so neat you all were able to see 2 temple open houses. Have a happy week! Thanks again for all the packages I loved them, I really appreciate the thermos kim. Thanks and I love you all mucho!!!!
con amor, Tiffani

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