Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hola mi familia,
Happy Father's Day dad!!!! Thanks for being an AWESOME dad! So these past couple weeks have been crazy and will continue to be so until our new president comes, July 1st. Our pday was changed to friday for zone conference so I have been there all day, and next week is changes so I don{t know what will happen and pday will not be till that friday. Bummer, but ce la vi!! Thanks for the emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Kim. I was so excited to read them, almost 2 weeks is a long time. It would be so hard if I didn't have email like mom and dad. Saturday we had our baptisms Camila and Grasiela and it was fantastic 45 people came including the famlies which aren{t members. It was really neat and they were so so excited. Right after the baptism the Bishop asked me to speak in church the next day and we had ward council and seven forty five. So that was scarey, I wrote a talk and ended up just talking. It was amazing, not very good, but amazing that I sort of did it. That night we had a missionary youth activity about Joseph Smith and watched the Restoration and talked about Joseph Smith and listened to music while we wrote our testimonies and then encouraged them to share a missionary flier with their friends. It was neat. This week has been hard because we have not had a pday but our family is going strong. They are really excited for their baptisms on the 27th. And we have a lot of members who are helping us with lessons with them so they get more incorprated in the ward. We hope that we will both be here to see it. Zone conference was really good. We had it with 6 zones and so it was huge. And it was sooo great because I got to see the Crums, Hna Wilson, and Hna Yeates. I was so excited when I found out they were coming. And they are doing great and the people we baptized are doing great. The crums are leaving next thursday, they gave me a big hug. It was soo great. They fed us a really nice meal and we watched a movie called Only a Stonecutter you should really see it, it{s amazing you can probably find it at deseret book or something. The spirit was really strong. And it was sad because this is the last time I{ll see the Ashby{s and they gave some nice gifts. They really are great people. I also recieved my packages finally. I recieved 4 from you guys and one from Grandma mohrman, so if you could tell her and thanks I will write her she was worried about it not getting here. I just cut them open and looked because our pday was gone but THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I AM SO EXCITED! For the shirts, food, egg thing, etc. I sure miss american food. haha. THANK YOU!! The other missionairies were soo jealous. I just said I am loved. But really thank you. I am glad all is well. Have fun traveling dad, I hope you don{t get to tired. Get better mom. Have a happy week!!! I love you all mucho. Oh and Happy Anniversary mom and dad!
con amor, Tiffani

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