Friday, June 26, 2009

Another change has gone by...

Hola mi famlia,
Gracias for your emails Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Aunt Charlene. Thank you Brother and Sister Cook for the money! Congrats on your callings Nikki and Stefi that is awesome, wow, I will keep you in my prayers. Also, I am glad you feel better mom and can go to the mtc again. That would have been cool if you could have met my mission president. And a big congratulations to you Dad for meeting your goal. Maybe I will start when I have a companion who wants to run also. That is so great. Thanks again for the packages I truly loved them and am so happy. The egg thing is pretty neat.
Well, we are not changing, I get another change with Hna Vera that is great. She is awesome, it will be good to be with her but it is going to be difficult because we do not have any investigators, but it is okay we will find people. But we are baptzing our family tomorrow. The family Vidarte. I AM SO EXCITED!! They are so neat. And they are so excited for their baptisms. They are pretty poor, but when they found out that stake conference was last week they got church clothes and dressed up so nice. It was a amazing. They loved the conference and they pray together and read the scriptures and are starting to have family home evening. It is unreal. I am attaching pictures of our baptisms 2 weeks ago Camila and Grasiela and also a picture of the family that are getting baptized tomorrow. Hna Yeates and Hna Orme are going to be companions together in Minas. So not fair. But I am happy for them. At the stake conference we got to listen to Elder Bowen. And it was really neat, he also had a special meeting for the recent converts before and he really excited them and explained all the things they need to hear like do not get offended at the people and endure to the end. It was really neat. We have one recent convert Facundo who was in love with the missionary that baptized him and so he just gets offended really easy and hasn{t come while I was here. But he loves president Ashby and so we called him and they talked to together at the night session of stake conference and he completely changed he decided to come to the next day conference and he listens to us and is excited to learn and he helped with a lesson in the following week. He still has a ways to go, but the change in his countenance already is amazing. I hope he keeps going. It still is so very cold, but as we were walking home from a charla, I realized I love being a missionary. It is still hard everyday and my spanish is not very good, but It is so neat to see the lives of people change and know that I am a tiny part of that. I am really grateful for the experiences that I have had and I just love studying the scriptures and finding new things. It is truly a blessing. I know Heavenly Father has watched over me a lot these past almost 9 months, and all my life for that matter. I love you all a lot, thanks for the prayers, love, support, packges, american food, emails, letters, total, THANK YOU!!! I will keep working hard. Have a happy week. I think pday will be normal on monday, so I will hear from you all in 2 days. Enjoy the warmth, :).

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