Monday, June 8, 2009


Hola mi familia,
Muchas gracias for the emails Dad, Mom, and Kim. I´m glad life is going well for you all. Congrats Joseph on that honor. I´m glad your feeling better Mom. You need to send your talk Dad. Good luck with softball Kim, I´m a little jealous. Oh, thanks for the addresses. Anyways, well first this has been a really good week we have had a lot of family home evenings with investigador and less actives and strong families and it´s been really good. We started this activity with the ward called 14 days of dedication and every family needs to read from the book of mormon a little everyday together and have a family prayer and have 2 family home evenings about misssionary work. And we started with a fast yesterday for the missionary work and then after we will have a family home evening as a ward and to share experiences and stuff. The ward is really excited and supporting us. And then yesterday we had a investigador family mom, dad, and two sons come for all three hours of church and they enjoyed it. It was fantastic and we´re going to ask them to be baptized tonight. And our baptisms to be Camila and Grasiela are still going strong and they are excited for the baptisms saturday and the ward is excited so I hope they come. Grasiella´s two little kids started coming and I am using my orgami skills to keep them occupied in church so Grasiella can pay attention. The boy Marcello always wants to sit by me and calls me Hermana morMON and says the last part really loud, he´s really cute. We´re also having a youth activity to watch the restoration and talk about Joseph Smith and have them write their testimonies and give us references this sunday so hopefully that will be really good. This past week we have tried a little different technique in all our tracting, we got a ward list which has over 600 names and only about 70 come. But we are playing detectives and searching for the less actives and those that will talk to us we´re asking references. Because for example we knocked a long street yesterday both sides and we have to clap and so the neighbors know we´re in the area and then no one answers the door. So it´s pretty difficult. But hopefully with some time this will work. And hopefully we can help bring some people back. Today we´re having a zone activity and watching a Joseph Smith movie and eating Uruguayan calzones so that will be interesting. So this past week has been pretty productive and it´s amazing how the work moves with the support of the ward. The bishop is amazing. The members are always giving us food which means they like us. Oh one of the members is a returned missionary who served in California and she asked me if I could make her cinamon rolls, so could you send me your recipe dad please? I haven´t gotten any packages yet because we haven´t had zone conference yet unfortunately but I´ll let you know when I get them. We´re going to have it next week because it´s the last one for President Ashby. I´m glad you liked the alfajores treats, they are filled with dulce de leche which is on every dessert here. I like the chocolate ones better but that was a speciality of Minas so I sent those ones. I love you all much. Thanks for everything. I sure love the shirts they help keep me warm. Have a happy warm week!
con amor, Tiffani

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