Friday, October 3, 2008

Side note post...

I found this poem that Tiffani wrote earlier this year. I never knew she wrote it and only accidently found it posted online. While she has never been one to write poems, I think the message is applicable. It can be found at:


How can thou forget
"Thou captain of thy soul"?
The supreme sacrifice,
the greatest gift of all.

Our older brother and redeemer
our comforter and friend.
How can thou be thine own captain
when such a price was shed.

The price was paid, the cost great
and given all through love.
And all is asked for in return
is obedience to him above.

Life is simply but a step
a memory in the eternities.
So best remember the only captain
Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Tiffani Brighten Mohrman

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