Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30th, 2008

Hola mi familia y amigos,
Muchas gracias for all the emails and letters. I am glad to still be a part of things. Well another week has gone and it flew. We have been studying and practicing lesson 1 and 2 a lot in spanish. It is very tough, but our companionship is becoming better. Our one teacher Hno. Melerio told us we were doing so well and we made him cry a little bit after teaching him lesson 1. The spirit was really strong. It was neat and a great compliment. It is so nice to see progress sometimes. Do not get me wrong though spanish is still keeping me humble, a lot. It is hard but I know I am being helped. Last friday, I missed a class for the first time because I got the flu. I was so sick all weekend. But I toughened it up for Saturday to go tracting. It was the first saturday we went tracting all day. Usually just for 2 hours. They put us in a bus and took us 45 minutes away to the city. Our companionship had an off day, plus me and hna. orme were sick... she had a cold. In the morning we talked to some crazy wackos and it wasn't going well. But in the afternoon we talked about our problem a little bit and prayed and then we were able to meet some neat people and gave away two more Book of Mormons. We mostly got some names and phone numbers for the missionaries assigned to that area but it was neat to be able to talk a little bit and testify. It was also really neat to walk around and see things other than the MTC. It is a neat city, the part we went to. The meeting place was the church and it was a beautiful little church looked a lot like the one in Antibes, France. The mission pres from that area came a few days later to get our contacts and he told us that this area is so ready for baptism that we can really start with questions like this to meet people. "If there was one book in this world that could tell you which church was true, would you read it" and then if yes "If after reading realized that the church was true, would you be baptized" Amazing huh. It is the highest area in argentina I think for baptisms. Really neat. We met some really nice people. These experiences prosylting are eye openers, the next 17 months will be hard. I felt really sick that night and the district leader gave me a blessing and I healed fast. It was a really nice blessing and the presidents wife hna. wilson helped me. The temple is closed for the next 3 weeks and that is sad but I will go before I leave the mtc which is nice. Time is flying and there is so much to learn and memorize. I really appreciate the prayers and words of support. They really help. I am sorry I can not respond to everyone. I will say though who I get letters and emails from so you know I got them. I will respond to what I can. I love you all. Thanks Dawn and Nikki for the letters. And Mom, Dad, and nikki for the emails. I have not received one from uncle Jay but tell him thanks for thinking of me. I hope all is well. I keep you in my prayers. I love you! Te Amo. Happy week!!! The gospel is amazing and I am so glad to have the privilage of teaching it.
Con amor, Tiffani

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